Geode Wonders: Discovering the Top 8 Types of Geodes & Best Geode Rock Formation

by Nicky Jessen

Geode Wonders: Discovering the Top 8 Types of Geodes & Best Geode Rock Formation

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When it comes to geodes, there are many beautiful geode types you can get access to.

You will notice a range of different geode types, including

  • Natural geodes with a large cavity
  • Large geodes
  • Small geodes
  • Amethyst geodes with quartz crystal
  • Uruguayan geodes
  • Agate geodes
  • and so much more.

Click play on the video below to see a range of beautiful geode types.

Some of the most impressive geodes are kept in science museums, mineral shows, or rock shops and art galleries.

These are truly the most impressive geodes you will find anywhere in the world.

You only have to do an image search online to see how ginormous some of these geodes are.

The popularity of geodes goes without saying as they are some of the most beautiful things to come out of the earth.

When people come to visit our Sydney crystal display, the thing they are most impressed with are our geode caves.

They are truly breathtaking.

What makes geodes so spectacular is the fact they are in a unique formation with beautiful purple amethyst cluster points combined with calcite points and other different minerals. 

Together, these have formed incredible cluster points to create these beautiful Amethyst cathedral geode caves.

Some of these geode caves range in size up to 2 metres tall or even higher while others are more petite and beautiful and can be placed on your desk in your office or around your home.

Facts About Geodes: The Fascinating Formation of Crystal Geodes

Geodes are one of nature's most exquisite secrets, hidden within unassuming exteriors. The process of how geodes form is a testament to the earth's dynamic history. 

Often beginning as bubbles in volcanic lava or as animal burrows in sedimentary rock, these voids undergo a remarkable transformation. 

Over time, as volcanic rocks weather away, mineral-rich water seeps in, depositing layers of chalcedony, clear quartz, basalt or even dolomite.

As we delve deeper into understanding geodes, it becomes clear they are more than just rocks. 

Geodes contain a world of crystals inside, ranging from the sparkling clarity of clear quartz to the soft hues of calcite crystal. 

Each geode is a unique crystal cave, with formations dictated by the minerals present during its formation.

For many enthusiasts, the excitement lies in the opportunity to open a geode. The anticipation of revealing what's been hidden for thousands of years is a thrilling experience. 

The diverse locations where geodes are found, from deserts to riverbeds, add to their allure. Each geode tells a story of its journey from a simple rock to a vessel of crystalline beauty, making every find a unique encounter with the natural world.

Today we're going to take a look at the variety of geode types available, so let's get started.

1. Amethyst geode caves - The Best Types of Geodes

The first type of geode is the Amethyst geode cave.

amethyst geode caves big and small

Typically these are commonly found in a few locations around the world with Brazil being the main one, but you will also find Amethyst geode caves plentiful in Uruguay.

What you'll note with Uruguayan ones is the cluster points are a lot smaller, and the purple is a lot deeper.

Amethyst geodes are often found in Mexico and Namibia as well.

The thing that distinguishes these geode types is the Amethyst. The deep purple you see within the beautiful cave structure, plus an agate band around the outside. And often the surrounding agate is beautifully polished.

The beautifully polished agate adds to the appeal of this beautiful crystal.

If you ever get a chance to go to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Expo, you will see some of the most impressive geode caves in the world. Not only that, but you will see the largest geode caves there too.

2. Amethyst geode crystal cathedral

Amethyst geode cathedrals, also known as crystal cathedrals, are stunning rocks that are hollow inside. 

Just like a grand church is beautiful inside and out, these cathedral geodes are too. 

amethyst geode cathedral

They are common treasures found in nature, perfect for women who adore crystals and anyone seeking gorgeous home decor. 

Inside geodes, you'll find a world of beauty, reminding us that just like these natural treasures, we all have inner beauty waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

3. Amethyst geode rock pairs - Spectacular formation with quartz & Calcite

One fascinating and slightly rare type of geode is the amethyst geode pairs.

amethyst geode cave pairs

Quite incredibly, these are one large cave that the excavators have deemed big enough and worthy enough to cut in half. This creates the pair.

The thing is, not all geodes can be cut in half to create the pair.

Firstly, you need a geode cave deep enough to allow it. Plus, you want both sides to be fairly symmetrical in size and shape.

This is what makes amethyst geode pairs genuinely spectacular. Not only are geodes unique, but to get a pair of amethyst geode caves is impressive.

4. Amethyst geodes from Uruguay

Uruguayan geodes are a little harder to come by. Most Uruguayan amethyst pieces are too expensive when viewed as a big geode like the Brazillian ones mentioned above.

The image below captures a lovely Uruguayan amethyst geode cave, but it is a small one. What the image doesn't quite capture is how deep it is. I tried to capture it from the side to get a sense of it but below is the best I could do.

uruguayan amethyst geode cave

You will notice quality crystal shops like Earth Inspired Gifts here have a wide range of Uruguayan clusters with an occasional geode shape.

5. Agate geodes

Another common type of geode is the Agate geode. Think of these as a polished spherical rock.

agate geodes

You will find these quite plentiful around the world.

Agate geodes are usually polished and spherical.

Those with a carved flat base can stand upright to display the geode cluster.

You'll see some agate geodes on this page and a favourite of many crystal lovers are the flat base with sparkling insides.

In the middle, they have a little cluster component.

These are beautiful, and when the agate is dyed into various colours like blue, green, teal, pink, or purple, it makes for a beautiful colourful display.

6. Agate geode bookends

One of the most popular types of agate geodes are those used as bookends.

agate geode bookends

People like to grab the coloured Agate geodes and use them as bookends.

Not only are they beautiful, but they're heavy enough to hold your books in place.

Your books make you look smart and educated and the geodes make for a stunning talking piece. You are winning on multiple fronts.

In all seriousness, agate bookends are a well-thought-out gift idea for friends and family who love nature and have a lovely collection of books.

The truth is, every home has books.

From children's books to the all-time classic reads. Why not present them in a beautiful set of agate bookends.

7. Agate friendship geodes

One of the more fun types of geodes are the ones that look like large round rocks, and then you break them in half. 

Many refer to these as a quartz geode or calcite geodes.

These are a combination of quartz with calcite inside, and so they look quite beautiful.

You'll notice on our website, we have a selection of these geodes that have been broken open, and we call them friendship stones or friendship geodes.

The reason they're called friendship stones is very similar to a friendship ring.

You give your friend one half of the ring, and you keep the other half, which is to symbolise your strong friendship.

When it comes to friendship stones, you do the same thing except one person keeps half the geode pair, and you keep the other half.

friendship geodes

You can get these in a combination of different colours, and they can be dyed purple, pink, green, teal, and you can get the natural ones which you'll notice are plain white (quartz & calcite).

If you are fortunate enough to go hunting for geodes, you may have the opportunity to find a geode that is a hundred percent intact.

You then use your tools to break it open. Often these are in a chain, and you tighten the chain and then it splits in half.

You can click play on the video below to see how this has done.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of geode types available for purchase, and they make truly spectacular displays in any home office or museum.

Not only that, but many hotels use them in their foyer as a beautiful display for when people first walk in.

They are truly eye-catching, especially if you acquire a geode weighing 30 to 50 or even 100 kilos, or a large geode cave; they are quite stunning indeed.

8. Citrine geode crystal cave - The golden marvels among Gorgeous Geodes

In the captivating world of geodes, the citrine geode stands out as one of the most unique geodes in the world.

Among the many types of geodes, citrine geodes hold a special place due to their radiant, sun-kissed hues.

Citrine geodes are formed when amethyst geodes undergo a heating process.

This heat treatment alters the original purple quartz structure into the golden, amber hues characteristic of citrine

This transformation is a rare and incredible example of how a geode may evolve under different environmental conditions, showcasing the dynamic and ever-changing nature of these geological treasures.

These gorgeous geodes, with their warm tones and crystal-lined cavities, not only offer visual delight but also are believed to harbour the energies of abundance and positivity. 

Each citrine geode, with its unique crystalline formations and color patterns, tells a story of its journey from deep within the earth to becoming a coveted piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Concluding the different types of geodes available

To wrap up our discussion on the different types of geodes you can find, here's a quick summary.

Geodes look like ordinary rocks on the outside but open them up, and you might see a beautiful crystal structure inside.

This makes geodes not just rocks but something more special.

They are also fantastic for decorating your home or office, adding a unique touch to your space.

Geodes may form in different ways and places, but they all share a common feature: they are hollow inside.

This inner space is often lined with crystals or other mineral materials, making each geode a small treasure.

Sought-after geodes are those with the most beautiful and unique insides.

Geodes are found all around the world and occur in places where the conditions are just right for their formation.

Not only do geodes make excellent gifts, but they are also great for home decor.

Whether you're looking to add a bit of nature's beauty to your living space or searching for a one-of-a-kind gift, geodes are a wonderful choice.

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