Black Tourmaline Benefits - Crystal Healing Properties & Power

by Nicky Jessen

Black Tourmaline Benefits - Crystal Healing Properties & Power

Dive into the Dark: The Mighty Healing Properties of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the most highly regarded crystal stones for jewellery makers worldwide. Today we are going to run through the black tourmaline benefits, the meaning and the healing properties of this beautiful stone.

In addition to covering black tourmaline, we'll cover all the various colours this beautiful, natural crystal comes in.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone used in various industries ranging from jewellery, and cosmetics to medicine. The properties of black tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as magnesium, iron, aluminium, potassium or lithium. 

Black Tourmaline meaning

Derived from a Sinhalese phrase "turamali" meaning a 'stone mixed with vibrant colours', tourmaline gemstones are available in a wide variety of colours ranging from meadow- green to vibrant yellow, magenta to teal --blue and black. Black tourmaline is the one we get the most demand for.

However, the colour of each tourmaline crystal is unique because it is believed that no tourmaline stones have the same colour.

Tourmaline is also known as 'electric stone' as it can produce its own electric charge when it is heated or cooled to extremes or put under considerable pressure.

black tourmaline crystals benefits

Why do people love wearing black tourmaline stone jewellery?

In one word, versatility. Tourmaline jewellery is not only famous because of its high quality, attractive and shiny look but is also revered as a 'magic stone' that can purify the aura of the person who wears it.

When tourmaline crystal is used in jewellery, it increases the value and helps enhance the overall look of the jewellery piece.

Black Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone used for crystal healing and is popular as a necklace, earrings, pendant, bracelet and more.

black tourmaline benefits with jewellery

Tourmaline comes in a wide range of colours

Tourmaline gemstones are available in almost all colours and the black stone is the most widely known.

While magnesium rich varieties are available in brown to yellow colours, iron-rich tourmaline is available in black to bluish black to deep brown colour.

Additionally, lithium rich tourmaline is available in almost any colour, such as green-yellow, blue, red and pink.

With a wide variety of colours options available, wearing black tourmaline jewellery will allow you to accessorise your outfits and enhance your overall look.

Metaphysical purposes of Black Tourmaline

Apart from being known as a symbol of fashion, tourmaline jewellery is also loved to be worn in many countries for their metaphysical purpose.

For instance, while green tourmaline crystal is worn by people to help improve their physical health, pink tourmaline crystal is associated with romance, love, and spiritual heart.

Blue tourmaline crystal helps improve meditation; black tourmaline crystal is worn to help protect people from negativity.

According to Judy Hall, Author of the crystal book called The Crystal Bible, (black tourmaline) 'grounds spiritual energy, clears and balances all the chakras, and forms a protective shield around the body.'

Hall goes on to suggest, 'Psychologically, Tourmaline aids in understanding oneself and others, taking you deep into yourself, promoting self-confidence and diminishing fear. It banishes any feeling of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.'

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Discover the Magic of Black Tourmaline: A Crystal of Protection and Power

Black Tourmaline: A Symbol of Protection and Grounding

In the realm of energy healing and metaphysical properties, Black Tourmaline stands out as a powerful crystal.

Often regarded as the ultimate protector, Black Tourmaline is a stone associated with the ability to shield and secure against unwanted energies. Its deep black colour is not just striking to the eye but also symbolises its strong protective energy.

It's also revered for its profound connection to the root chakra. It aids in establishing a strong connection to the earth, fostering a sense of safety and belonging that is essential for overall well-being.

The Healing Powers of Black Tourmaline

The healing powers of Black Tourmaline extend beyond its physical beauty. This black crystal is revered for its connection between earth and the user, offering a grounding force that promotes a sense of stability and calm.

Men and women who are drawn to the mystical world of crystals find Black Tourmaline to be an essential part of their collection, not only for its elegance but also for its deep-rooted protective qualities.

Metaphysical Properties: More Than Just A Stone

The metaphysical properties of Black Tourmaline make it more than just a stone; it's a symbol of resilience and strength.

black tourmaline metaphysical properties mystical crystal

As a crystal for protection, it's believed to repel and block negative energies, safeguarding your personal space and well-being.

Whether you're navigating the complexities of daily life or seeking a sense of balance, Black Tourmaline serves as a protective companion.

Black Tourmaline: The Ultimate Crystal for Modern Women & Men

In today's fast-paced world, Black Tourmaline is the ultimate crystal for those who understand the importance of maintaining a harmonious balance in life.

Many use black tourmaline as a protective energy which acts as a barrier against external stressors, allowing you to focus on your inner peace and harmony. 

Whether displayed in your home, worn as jewellery, or carried as a personal talisman, Black Tourmaline is a testament to the enduring power of nature's gifts.

Embrace the Protective Energy of Black Tourmaline

Our collection at Earth Inspired Gifts features Black Tourmaline crystals and a wide variety of other beautiful crystals, each hand-selected for their unique properties and beauty.

We invite you to explore the powerful crystal of Black Tourmaline and discover how its protective energy can enhance your daily life.

Embrace the connection between earth and spirit with Black Tourmaline, and let it be your guardian against unwanted energies.

Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation

In our modern world, we're constantly surrounded by electronic devices, which emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that can be disruptive to our body's natural energy field.

Black Tourmaline is acclaimed for its ability to absorb and neutralise these frequencies. Placing a piece of black tourmaline near your electronic devices, or wearing it as jewellery, can help shield you from the potential negative effects of EMFs.

The Black Tourmaline Birthstone

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October along with opal.

The tourmaline crystal is a favourite of many because it comes in a rainbow of colours such as pink, orange cranberry, magenta, ocean blue, yellow, forest green and many more.

Tourmaline is a mixed stone and is known to display one colour at a time in its stone structure. The month of October is considered one of the most vibrant months of the year and has all the colour variations found in a tourmaline as well as opal stones.

Tourmaline is the spiritual birthstone of Libra.

This is because during the time of the sign (23.09 -23.10) the planet receives some significant outpourings of subtle spiritual energy from the temple of Liberty, the original temple of Libra.

Tourmaline is especially vulnerable to the radiation of this temple. Therefore, a Libran can get a beneficial energy boost if they choose to wear a tourmaline gemstone.

Top 7 Tourmaline Stone benefits

One of the primary causes of chronic illness is an overflow of toxins in the body.

Tourmaline is a powerful natural detoxifier and is said to help reduce toxin-related ailments. Its detoxifying effects on the body's tissues, organs and nervous system not only can help boost circulation and enhance the immune system but also helps you stay stress-free, concentrate more effectively and may help you sleep better.

Listed below the top 7 Black Tourmaline benefits

  1. Black tourmaline is a great crystal to help in detoxing the body
  2. Tourmaline may help boost circulation
  3. Is used as an excellent mental healer and helps turn negative thoughts you might have and get you thinking more positively
  4. Reduces emotional maladies such as depression and anxiety
  5. Some suggest it can help eliminate poison, heavy metals and carcinogenic materials from our body
  6. It is said to help support the kidneys and liver
  7. When aligned with your base chakra and root chakra, black tourmaline is said to ground your energy and increase your physical vitality and help remove stress.

Healing properties and healing benefits of Tourmaline

Balance the chakras:

Tourmaline crystal wands are excellent tools for energising and balancing the chakras. For best results, always match the coloured crystals with the colours associated with the primary chakra.

Ward off nightmares:

If you are one of those people who has been recently having a lot of nightmares and are unable to sleep due to your lucid dreams, it is time you get a tourmaline crystal into your life.

Tourmaline has traces of iron that can help fight off a nightmare and help you have a restful sleep.

Helps clear negativity:

Black tourmaline crystal is one of those healing crystals that can help provide protection and elimination of negative energy.

When placed in home or office, these healing crystals work like a sponge. They soak all the negative energy surrounding the area. It works as a powerful protector and prevents bad energy from getting into your psyche.

If you are looking to turn your negative energies into positive energy, then having black tourmaline around you is very beneficial. There are a number of parents who like to give black tourmaline to their teenagers to help them form more of a positive attitude during those tough high school days.

Not only is black tourmaline is a powerful crystal but there are many ways to use black tourmaline too.

Wearing Black Tourmaline Jewellery

Wearing tourmaline as a jewellery piece works well to help you get the maximum benefit from this crystal.

best black tourmaline jewellery online australia

For those who feel they are stuck in a negative environment, a natural crystal with black tourmaline to sit on your table will work equally as well.

When placed in and around your space, these healing crystals help rebalance positive and negative energies.

However, avoid using a crystal for healing purposes especially if you are suffering from a chronic illness. Consulting your doctor and seeking immediate medical treatment would always be a wise decision in such cases.

Types of Tourmaline crystals available

There are many different types of tourmaline available including tumbled stones, black tourmaline orgonite pyramids, black tourmaline sphere, crystal points, tourmaline wands, tourmalinated quartz, crystal clusters, black tourmaline pendant, chakra stones and black tourmaline bracelets to name a few.

No matter which type of tourmaline crystal piece you get, be sure to cleanse your crystal tourmaline pieces when you get them.

Concluding the Black Tourmaline Benefits

Tourmaline is a great stone and when it is carved and shaped into an elegant jewellery piece, it is stunning.

Black tourmaline also has a special place in every crystal lovers collection.

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