Black Tourmaline Jewellery Australia

by Nicky Jessen

Black Tourmaline Jewellery Australia

Black Tourmaline Jewellery is by far the most popular natural protection jewellery piece for those who love crystals.

The popularity of black tourmaline jewellery comes from the black tourmaline against the stunning sterling silver and the excellent healing properties of this wonderful crystal.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline Jewellery

You just have to take a look at the beautiful range of Black Tourmaline Jewellery available, and it becomes clear how beautiful it is.

One obvious benefit is the beauty of the stone itself. You will always get compliments on how stunning your jewellery piece is regardless of if it is a pair of earrings, a pendant or a ring.

According to Judy Hall, author of 'The Encyclopedia of Crystals', the benefits of black tourmaline are to help ward off negative energies, ideal for protection, detoxification, balancing male-female energy, hand-eye coordination, energy flow and the removal of blockages.

Hands-on therapies need black tourmaline jewellery

Next time you get a back or neck massage, check if your masseuse is wearing black tourmaline.

Given the protective nature of black tourmaline, it is a very popular crystal for those in any form of energy healing or counselling.

Have you ever heard a hair stylist tell you what they do as 'I'm a psychologist who also styles hair'?

So many jobs such as hair stylist, masseuse, counsellors, Reiki energy healer, mechanic and even digital marketing require you to listen with empathy about the stories and problems of your clients.

Black tourmaline is the perfect crystal to wear while you are doing your consultations, hair styling or any type of job that requires you to listen with empathy.

This crystal is beneficial in taking that negative energy (your clients aren't always negative, I know) and turning it into positive energy.

I remember listing to one man telling me how he is a medium and finds black tourmaline critical in warding off the negative spirits he encounters. But to top it off, it looks great on both men and women.

Give it a try.

Black Tourmaline Pendant Jewellery

By far the most common jewellery piece we see is the pendant. The items that continually get sold and send us off to our suppliers for more pendants.

The great thing about black tourmaline pendants is they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You will be able to buy the following black tourmaline pendants:

As you can see, the variety and options are vast.

Black Tourmaline Earrings

Another beautiful option to choose from are black tourmaline earrings.

They usually come in a few types, which are:

  • Natural pencil shape black tourmaline earrings
  • Polished point black tourmaline earrings
  • Square earrings
  • Oval shaped black tourmaline earrings
  • Faceted black tourmaline earrings
  • Natural chunks

They can also come in sterling silver or gold.


Black Tourmaline Bracelets

The most common black tourmaline bracelet is the polished bead bracelet. Usually, the beads are around 8mm in size.

But they should reveal the lovely beauty of this stone and have a beautiful shine to it.

No matter if you go for the pendant, earrings, bracelet or a combination, you will love the feel on and the benefits of this earthy stone.

Black Tourmaline Healing Jewellery

You are no doubt already aware of the fact that tourmaline is one of the best crystals for energising and balancing the chakras. We wrote a more extensive blog post on the Healing properties of black tourmaline here.

It is said you should wear your black tourmaline or place pieces around your home or office so the crystal can soak up all the negative energies in the area.

This helps to keep you protected from those negative energies, which we can all do without.

Black tourmaline is the perfect stone to give to teenagers having a tough time at school. It can help maintain a positive attitude during times of change and a heavy workload (study and assignments).

This is one of the many reasons why crystal healing jewellery continues to grow in popularity.

5 interesting facts about black tourmaline jewellery

  1. Tourmaline is what they refer to as piezoelectric, which means it generates electricity under pressure. It is also pyroelectric, which refers to its ability to generating electricity with heat. But just because you have a lovely black tourmaline pendant on, doesn't mean you'll be able to charge your iPhone ;-)
  2. Do you love gardening? Many suggest that tourmaline is beneficial for all range of plants. If you are having difficulty growing your favourite rose tree, orchards or bamboo trees, place some natural tourmaline in the potting mix and see how it goes.
  3. The greatest benefit of tourmaline is the protective nature of the stone. Many will tell you it will form a protective shield around those that wear it, guarding off negative energies.
  4. A lot can be said about the power of using both the left and right brain hemispheres and the role each has in our day to day lives. Tourmaline is considering an excellent crystal to help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This, in turn, can help turn negative energies into positive ones.
  5. Tourmaline can help those that wear it to banish fear and promote self-confidence. Many crystal lovers give a little pendant to young ones who may be getting bullied at school or having a tough time around their peers.

Where to buy black tourmaline jewellery in Australia

Hopefully, this blog post gives you a good understanding of the benefits of black tourmaline crystal jewellery as well as the range available.

We love buying black tourmaline jewellery for our customers. We love talking with our jewellers who handpick their tourmaline to make sure it is up to their standard.

They all have precise requirements of their jewellers, and you will notice the sterling silver fits the individual piece perfectly.

A lot of care goes into designing and then creating a stunning black tourmaline jewellery piece.

Of course, you can buy your black tourmaline jewellery here in Australia through this website, Earth Inspired Gifts.

But please note that there have been several times when several of our suppliers are completely out of stock.

And remember to cleanse your crystals to clear any past energies stored in the crystal.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


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