Crystals for Kids - Crystal Gem Collection Kit Natural Tumbled Gem Set for Kids

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Introducing our captivating 'Crystals for Kids - Crystal Gem Collection Kit'! Ignite the curiosity of young minds with this stunning starter kit, designed to inspire a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. 

Packaged in a reusable acrylic tube, complete with a handy image chart, this kit promises hours of joyful exploration. Watch the wonderful things they create right out of the box with this perfect selection of tumbled stones.

Watch as your child's imagination soars and their understanding of the natural world blossoms with every crystal they view. 

Add this enchanting kit to your shopping cart today and embark on a journey of wonder and discovery!

Key details:

  • Natural raw materials: made of natural tumble stones.
  • Crystal Mix: Each Kids Crystal Kit may contain a mix of the following crystals: Agates, Amethyst, Angelite, Aventurine, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Gold Tigers Eye, Goldstone, and more.
  • Curiosity Spark: Kids are naturally curious, and they learn quickly by feel and touch. Holding the crystals sparks their curiosity and learning.
  • Learning Fun: Kids can identify each crystal as they play, feeding their curious minds and providing hours of enjoyment.
  • Perfect Gift: This kit is an ideal gift for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and more.

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  • This kit comes with approximately 70 grams of tumbled crystals in all colours to get them started.
  • The chart card contains 30 different images of the various gemstones.
  • The kit contains approximately 60 pieces of small tumbled crystals inside.

Kids Crystal image chart to Explore the World of Crystals

What makes this crystals for kids starter kit so great is the image chart of the crystals themselves. 

Your kids can identify each crystal as they play with them. This is one of the best ways to feed their curious mind.

You will find them hunting through the various ones, identifying them, and then saying, 'Mum, I found it.'

The joy they have in finding each crystal is quite uplifting.

You will love it, and more importantly, they will love it.

This is a truly unique gift to give those kids who are inquisitive and like hunting around for things.

With so many stones, they'll be busy for hours trying to find each one.

Crystal Set - Beautiful Gift Ideas for Kids

If you are stuck for gift ideas, pop one of these in their birthday, Xmas, or special occasion gift and see the look on their face. Their eyes will light up with curiosity and enjoyment.

Leading up to Christmas, this is one of the best kids' gifts under $20.

These are such a popular gift idea for kids. Kids love the superb selection and variety of minerals.

As a mother of three kids, plus nieces and nephews, I think this is a fantastic selection of beautiful stones with loving energy in different shapes and textures.

Feel free to click the video links below to learn more about the story behind Earth Inspired Gifts.

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