Carnelian Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

by Nicky Jessen

Carnelian Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Carnelian crystals have a number of excellent benefits with many focused on the Earthy energy they provide. In addition to energy, carnelian helps to increase your creativity and overcome fear.

The vibrancy of Carnelian is an excellent reminder of the energy flow all around us. You can feel it more in certain stones and this one is no exception.

You are already familiar with the negativity we are exposed to on a daily basis, with work, family and other commitments.

Carnelian is referred to as a power stone to help negate these negative effects you and I are exposed to on a daily basis.

In today's blog post, we are going to cover Carnelian's healing properties, benefits and uses so you can see if this is a stone you should have in your collection.

What are the Carnelian healing properties?

This stone is famous for both its spiritual and physical healing properties. Carnelian is used by millions of people for emotional healing and physical healing.

This orange quartz stimulates and energises action, which is why these are such good healing crystals.

Users can obtain a clearer sense of self-awareness it, which enhances the flow of spiritual energy. Users can easily achieve their important goals with the help of this stone.

The physical healing properties of Carnelian crystal include improved blood circulation that is beneficial for all types of physical health.

Overcoming procrastination and achieving more with study and life

It replaces procrastination and indecision with the courage to move ahead towards spiritual healing.

Procrastination is such a powerful force and once you have replaced it with something more positive, your life will take off on a journey you could never have imagined.

For those who are studying at school, university or work, overcoming procrastination has incredible rewards. You can get more done in less time and achieve more deep work.

We all face so many distractions in life yet we all have the same 24 hours a day.

Use Carnelian gemstones or crystals as your reminder to focus on your life's most important tasks each day, week and month. You will be amazed at what happens when you set your intention with this stone around getting things done.

According to Judy Hall, Author of The Crystal Bible, 'Carnelian activates the base chakra, influences the female reproductive organs, and increases fertility. This stone overcomes frigidity and impotence, heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression, especially in those of advanced years.'

Carnelian crystals may help lessen symptoms associated with menopause and menstruation.

Energy healers suggest the properties of Carnelian may assist with improved digestion by facilitating the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine.

Other healing properties are said to include the ability to help with varicose veins, skin problems, boils, haemorrhoids and congestion.

But it goes without saying that you must seek qualified medical help with any issue and we cannot provide medical advice here.

Top 7 benefits of the Carnelian stone

  1. Psychological protection is one of the most popular benefits of this stone. It also emits energy which is said to reduce stress and tension, thereby reducing the incompatibility of the person wearing it. It will help you in social settings by harmonising your energy with other people and the environment.
  2. It promotes earthly achievement and prevents the individual wearing it from feeling tired and exhausted. Apart from this, it is further believed this crystal reduces pain in the body as it is beneficial for the bones and skin.
  3. It has been known for centuries for its capability to boost the sexual power of its users. This comes as a result of overcoming any anxieties you may have around sex, thereby creating a positive and loving environment.
  4. Carnelian is said to help lift one's energy levels too, boosting metabolism by helping the supply of blood around your body. Any time you are increasing the flow of blood around your body is good for life, your sexual energy and so much more.
  5. For athletes and budding sportspeople out there, use this stone to help stimulate more power in your activities. You may find your stamina increases and your energy levels go up as a result of training with Carnelian.
  6. Children and teenagers stand to benefit greatly from this crystal as it prevents them from negative disputes and emotions. It helps them restore their depleted courage, and provides them with protection from negative energies. With the time kids spend on social media, negativity is almost commonplace now, which is quite sad. Kids and teenagers need the courage to stand up against this online negativity and introduce more positivity in their lives.
  7. Carnelian is renowned for its ability to help shy speakers to become both bold and eloquent. It was worn by ancient warriors to increase their physical power and courage required to conquer their enemies. Master architects of Egypt wore Carnelian to enhance their architectural abilities and middle age alchemists depended on this crystal as used it as a boiling stone to activate the energy of other chalcedonies.

What are the properties of Carnelian?

The Carnelian properties are that of a stabilising stone, grounding in the energies which the earth provides. This earthly energy can help lift your physical energy which helps you become motivated to achieve the important goals in your life.

You will notice how positive life choices seem to follow those who are well grounded and have their energy levels right. Carnelian can help get rid of the apathy and negativity so you can achieve everything you have set out to each day, week and month.

Creativity related to Carnelian

Another positive influence Carnelian has is on creativity. For those in a creative job, such as marketing, graphic design, video work (YouTube videos or movies), art director or a writer, have this stone with your at all times.

Fortunately, the world is taking a firm stance against the abuse of any kind. This is such a positive thing. But along with abuse are negative conditions. You and I both know we need to get rid of the negativity to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Carnelian will help encourage steadfastness and overcome these negative conditions. This will in turn help turn the tables on any kind of abuse, whether it be physical or emotional. People in this type of negative environment will absolutely feel the positive difference red carnelian or orange carnelian can provide.

Other properties of carnelian

It helps the wearer to boost their perception and trust, clarifies their perception and improves their analytic abilities.

If you are dealing with people from management or recruiting point of view, it is handy to be able to read into those you are dealing with and have greater clarity.

It further protects individuals against resentment, rage, and envy, dispels their mental lethargy, and sharpens their concentration power.

This stone is renowned for stimulating sexuality through better energy levels and the idea of better blood flow around your body.

Those who get angry quickly can wear this stone around their neck or on their wrist. The carnelian healing energy will help calm your thoughts when in stressful, anger-inducing moments. Use it as a reminder to take a deep breath, count to 10 and reassess the situation. There is always a better solution to anger.

What are Carnelian crystals used for?

Carnelian crystals are used for professional support as it aids construction workers, builders, architects in their creation of top quality buildings.

It simulates stamina and power in military personnel and athletes, helps establish organization and form in journalists, plus kindles motivation in salespersons. The crystals healing energy in these situations is quite powerful.

This crystal is believed to attract good luck and prosperity, making it a success talisman in any money making venture.

If you are starting out in business, run an online enterprise or wish to climb up the corporate ladder, use Carnelian to focus your energies towards that.

This stone provides determination and drive in the workplace, and helps to ward off undue pressures of impersonal corporations or co-workers with unrealistic expectations.

It is also known as the 'singer's stone. as it clarifies the voice. It further promotes confidence required for performance in live media or on the stage.

When it comes to those working outdoors on a work site, there have been many who keep a carnelian crystal on them to protect against falling tools, falling masonry and workplace accidents.

When building a carnelian meditation routine, focus on seeing the energy of the earth and sun power through your body.

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Overcoming difficulties with carnelian

It provides wearers with the courage necessary to overcome difficulties.

Let's face it, we all face difficulties in life. But the key is how we deal with these difficulties that makes all the difference.

Carnelian will give you the courage to be able to think smartly about the difficulty and form better solutions.

All of life's problems and challenges can be solved and in many cases, have already been solved by other people.

Carnelian will give you the power to gain clarity on the situation, get creative and form solutions to each and every challenge you face.

Within no time, your life will be one of facing challenges head-on and knowing the result at the end will be so much better than you had imagined.

Carnelian and Feng Shui

The Carnelian colour should give you an indication as to energy source of this stone. It comes from Fire energy, being the strong red and orange colour it has.

When you think of someone who is 'on-fire' in life, you think of high-energy, bursting with enthusiasm, being active, getting things done and achieving their life's goals.

This is how people use Carnelian for Feng Shui. Consider it your fire energy to ignite all those great things in your life such as family, business and sexual relationships.

When it comes to Carnelian and Feng Shui, put it in those areas of your home or business which require the energy flow and grounding earth energy you feel it requires.

For those who are active more zing and spice in the bedroom, then definitely use Carnelian to spruce things up there. Remember, Carnelian is the energy stone that facilitates excellent blood flow, so be prepared for energy when it comes to romantic endeavours.

Carnelian is associated with the root chakra and the heart chakra and is an excellent stone for chakra healing.

Carnelian Meaning

Some people believe that the Carnelian meaning comes from a Latin word, the meaning of which is flesh. It has also been linked to the red fruit cornel cherry according to the Carnelian wiki. Others believe that this crystal was named after the Sicilian river, Achates.

No matter how the name was derived, they all relate to the colour of the stone and what it resembles to those who discovered it. The orange and red colour helped shape how the stone was named.

Where is Carnelian found?

Carnelian is found in Madagascar, Brazil, India, and Uruguay.

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