Best EMF Protection Crystals - Top 10 Crystals for EMF Protection

best emf protection crystals to help you

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If you are looking for the Best EMF Protection Crystals, then you are in the right spot. Our goal here is to clarify the key points around EMFs, what are EMFs, steps you can take now to reduce your exposure and of course, cover the top 10 crystals to protect you from EMFs and 5g.

best emf protection crystals to help you

What are EMFs and what does EMF stand for?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies. These are the invisible ranges of EMF radiation that are 'flying' through the air around us all day, every day.

There has been a lot of debate surrounding these over the years with many scientists and the community at large debating their effects on the body.

This debate ranges from suggesting they are harmless to others suggesting they are responsible for the rise of cancers over the last few decades.

And with the introduction of 5G technology, the debate seems to be getting even hotter (like the heat you feel on the side of your head when you have been talking on your mobile phone for any length of time).

It doesn't take Einstein to work out we have never been surrounded by so many EMF-emitting devices around our home and offices as we have nowadays.

And the truth is, certain people are sensitive to them more so than others.

Similarly, some people are sensitive to milk products as they are lactose intolerant.

Many can drink milk with no issues while others feel terrible.

EMF sensitivity is no different except they are invisible and hard to pinpoint when you are just feeling 'off' all the time.

What is EMF Protection?

EMF protection is doing everything you can to protect you and your loved ones from the potentially harmful effects of these in your home and office.

The Best EMF Protection Crystals - Crystals that help protect from 5g

Here are the top 10 crystals to help protect you from the dangers of EMFs

The following crystals are listed in no particular order.

1. Orgonites

Orgonites are one of the best crystals for protection due as many leading people suggest they can harmonise the energy in an efficient way. The combination of resin, metal shavings, and a selection of EMF protection crystals is said to help harmonise the chaotic energy surrounding these frequencies.

You can read more about the orgonite emperiments and how the orgonites create a visible vortex, indicating they could be harmonising the energy around it.

The key here is orgonites are not eliminating the harmful radiation but instead organising the energy in a less destructive manner.

2. Fluorite Crystals for EMF Protection & Stress Relief

Fluorite crystals are highly regarded for their effectiveness in EMF protection, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to mitigate the impact of electromagnetic fields from electronic devices.

Known for its ability to harmonise with the human energy field, Fluorite offers a protective barrier against electromagnetic stress.

This makes it an ideal addition to spaces filled with electronic devices, especially for individuals running a home business or spending significant time on their computers.

In addition to its protective qualities, Rainbow Fluorite is also celebrated for its stress-reducing properties.

It is known to absorb negative energies and promote a sense of peace and calm. This is particularly beneficial in our current era dominated by the effects of the new technology.

This makes Fluorite not only a practical choice for shielding against electromagnetic stress but also a supportive tool in managing the stressors of daily life.

Moreover, Fluorite's benefits extend to enhancing concentration and creativity.

By fostering a more focused and imaginative mindset, it supports personal and professional growth in various aspects of life.

Incorporating Fluorite into your environment can be a strategic move for anyone looking to protect themselves from the effects of EMF, reduce stress, and boost their creative and cognitive functions.

Its multifaceted benefits make it a versatile and valuable crystal for those navigating the challenges of modern living and seeking a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

3. Black Tourmaline Stone for Powerful Protection

Black Tourmaline is well regarded as the crystal of protection.

According to Judy Hall, author of 'The Encyclopedia of Crystals', the benefits of black tourmaline are to help ward off negative energies, ideal for protection, detoxification, balancing male-female energy, hand-eye coordination, energy flow and the removal of blockages.

If you are suffering from EMF-related issues, then be sure to place black tourmaline in every room in your home.

Many suggest black tourmaline helps provide a protective shield around those who wear it, helping to guard off the negative energies.

4. Shungite

We could have put Shungite as the number 1 selection as this crystal is perfectly suited for the job.

You can buy shungite crystal for EMF protection and to help protect against 5G radiation, which is only going to increase over the next few years.

This powerful crystal is over 2-billion years old and has excellent shielding and purifying powers due to its unique formation.

This stone has been used in healing spas in Russia for decades.

Our most popular Shungite crystals are our pyramids, bracelets and pendants.

5. Hematite

One of the challenges we all face is being able to get rid of negative energy. Negative energy from people but also negative energy from unwanted freqencies.

The great thing about hematite as a crystal, is its ability to absorb negative energy from your body. The goal of this stone is to help you remove anxiety, fear, and stress from your body and help balance your body.

Hematite's main role as a protective stone is to harmonise the negative energy, remove it and replace it with harmonising energy.

Hematite is an excellent stone to help protect against electromagnetic frequencies and EMF smog.

6. Pyrite as a Protection Stone

In today’s tech-filled world, safeguarding against electromagnetic pollution is more important than ever.

Let's talk about a standout among crystals for protection, Pyrite.

Known as "Fool's Gold" for its lustrous shine, Pyrite does serious work in shielding you from electromagnetic pollution.

Its natural properties absorb and neutralise these energies, promoting a healthier environment for both mind and body.

Perfect for those seeking harmony in a digital age, Pyrite crystals from our online store not only protect but also enhance your space with their striking beauty.

Explore our collection of Pyrite and other healing stones mentioned above.

The Power Quartet: Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Amazonite, and Rose Quartz

Now we've explored the top 6 crystals, let's dive into another 4 key ones to complete our top 10.

Each of these natural crystals brings its unique strength to the table, offering additional layers of defense against the invisible waves surrounding our tech-filled environments.

  • Clear Quartz:

    Clear Quartz is like the Swiss Army knife of the crystal healing world. Not only does it boost your health and wellbeing, but it also helps shield you from low-level, frequent EMF exposure. Keep this chakra stone around for an extra layer of protection.

  • Lepidolite:

    Known for its mood-lifting properties, Lepidolite is also a superstar here. This lilac beauty brings a sense of calm and grounding, perfect for those moments when you need to stay centered amidst the digital chaos.

  • Rose Quartz:

    Not just a love magnet! Rose Quartz is one of those healing crystals that also cares about your vibes. It's believed to reduce the stress caused by this exposure, promoting peace and tranquility near your tech devices.

  • Amazonite:

    Talk about a shield! Amazonite is like having your guardian against electromagnetic pollution. It’s great for maintaining your health and well-being, especially when you’re clocking in those hours on your computer.

With these friendly crystal allies, you can create a more grounded and harmonious space.

Each of these chakra stones brings its special form of crystal healing to the table, helping to mitigate the effects of exposure.

So, whether you're working, gaming, or just scrolling, keep these natural crystals close for extra peace of mind.

What do we know about 5G wifi network in Australia?

The debate around the new network continues to intensify with thousands of people in Australia signing a petition.

In addition, back in 2017, a group of nearly 200 doctors and scientists from dozens of countries signed another petition to halt the progress of it being rolled out around the world.

There are many challenges around this with one of the main ones being the invisible nature of EMFs. It's sort of like talking about the hole in the ozone layer.

You know scientists are talking about it and you know it could very well be real, but you cannot 'see it'.

There are many interesting books about this, including this one available in all good bookstores: 'EMF*D - 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phone: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself'.

The top types of Electromagnetic Field exposure

There are several different types of exposure all of us should be aware of.

The most common source of exposure is from the dozens of appliances in and around our home.

These include things like our applications, microwaves, mobile phones, wireless devices, electrical wiring, lights, cordless phones, wireless computers and Wi-Fi to name a few.

emf emitting devices radiation ionizing

When it comes to the crystals that protect against EMF, it is important to place your crystals around these items.

Here are the main culprits of both Ionizing and non-ironizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation

  • Computers
  • Wi Fi devices such as wireless routers
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth devices such as headphones
  • Power lines
  • Microwave ovens
  • MRIs

Ionizing radiation

  • Ultraviolet light
  • X-rays you get in the hospital or doctor's surgery

What is EMF electromagnetic sensitivity?

Have you ever felt that something was affecting you but you couldn't quite work out what it was?

Perhaps you've just not been feeling off but you cannot think of any foods you have eaten that could be causing this mysterious unease.

For some, they eliminate alcohol, clean up their diet, and exercise more, and yet, they still feel off.

You may be one of the electromagnetic hypersensitive people. You may find that this has been the cause of your odd feelings.

If you are unlucky to be one of the hypersensitivity people, then it is likely you have several partial or serious reactions to these unseen frequencies.

Some experts suggest around 1% of the population is hypersensitive, but as more research is done, these numbers seem to creep higher.

How to protect yourself from the mobile phone 5G

You are no doubt already aware that the rollout of this tech is well underway, and will continue around the globe. By all accounts, there is nothing we can do to stop the expansion from continuing.

You already about the petition in Australia above, but is that enough to stop it in Australia?

The best we can do is learn how to minimise and protect ourselves and our families from the radiation that will be emitted.

The first thing you can do is be aware of any towers going up in and around your local area. Where possible, you want to live as far away from these as possible.

The further you are away from the source of the radiation, the better you and your family will be.

5G EMF Protection - Simple ways to stop it in your home

5G will be everywhere in your home unless you work to reduce the exposure.

The thing with 5G compared to 4G is 4G uses large towers, whereas this will be using lots of small devices, or relays and lots of smaller towers.

This means they will be closer to all of us when living in the suburbs.

The easiest way to avoid having so many relays in and around you is to NOT buy the smart fridge, the smart microwave, etc. The truth is, you don't need all those smart devices in your home.

Do the simple things correctly in your home and protect your family.