Floating Locket with Peridot Crystals

Floating lockets with natural crystals from Mother Nature are a true rarity here in Australia.

Our Earth inspired floating lockets are made from stainless steel and contain some beautiful sparkling crystals around the outside.

You will love the natural polished Peridot crystal pieces within your floating locket.

Peridot crystal meaning and uses

Peridot is considered a powerful cleanser, helping purify the mind and neutralise toxins. One of the key aspects of Peridot is that it teaches us that holding on to the past and people in the past is counter-productive. 

For this reason, people get quite uplifted by this crystal, helping them free their minds of the past and focus on the what is in front of them. One step at a time as they say.

Ultimately, Peridot is there to help guide you to your higher conscience helpers. Here you can get guidance and energy from the ultimate source.

Most of all, the combination of the positive energies above helps build confidence and the motivation to keep growing and keep moving forward.

Imagine being able to own up to and admit mistakes, but then to be mature about these mistakes to take the lessons and apply them to your new life. It is this spiritual growth and maturity that Peridot is so helpful for.

How big is the Peridot floating locket pendant?

  • The size of the pendant is approx 30mm x 30mm
Many ladies like to have a pendant that is a comfortable size. I know I do. You may be the same in that you don't want a pendant that is too big.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Peridot floating locket pendant contains natural crystals and will vary slightly.

Press play on the video below to find out more about Earth Inspired Gifts and how we came into existence.

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