Herkimer Diamond Earrings

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These are a lovely set of Herkimer Diamond earrings set in sterling silver.

Herkimer Diamonds are one of the most powerful double terminated quartz crystals you can have. They look exactly like diamonds but are quartz crystals.

The reason they get the diamond name is due to the amazing clarity and natural faceting. The Herkimer part of the name comes from the fact they are found in and around Herkimer Country in New York and also the Mohawk River Valley.

You will get so many admiring comments while you are wearing these earrings.

Who to buy the Herkimer Diamond Earrings for

Of course, you can buy these for yourself, which will be wonderful. But you may be considering the Herkimer Diamond earrings as a gift idea for a friend or a loved one.

It will be a well-received gift.

Size of your Herkimer Diamond earrings

  • Size - approx. 24mm x 9mm

Please note: This is the exact pair of earrings that you will receive. Herkimer diamonds often contain other materials within them that are called inclusions. Some inclusions contain a black hydrocarbon called anthraxolite, this is what you can see in these pieces. These pieces are not clear and contain inclusions.

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