7 Chakra Bead Bracelets - Chakra Healing Bracelet for Friendship, Luck & Love

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Step into a world of balance and beauty with our 7 Chakra Bead Bracelets, crafted to enhance friendship, luck, and love through spiritual alignment.

Key details:

  • Bead Details: Each bracelet is strung with 8mm Chakra beads and 4mm clear quartz to amplify the healing properties, suitable for wrists up to 16cm.
  • Comprehensive Healing: Incorporating stones like Citrine, Amethyst, Red Agate, Turquoise, Carnelian, and Aventurine, these bracelets are designed to balance and restore the seven chakras.
  • Style and Spirit: Not just a fashion statement, these bracelets serve as a tool for protection, spiritual healing, and fostering calmness and relaxation.
  • Quality and Comfort: Made with high-quality elastic for a stretchy fit that ensures comfort all day long, it is perfect for meditation, yoga, or everyday wear.
  • Perfect Gift: Ideal as thoughtful gifts that convey deep emotional and spiritual meanings, making them excellent for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine's Day.
  • Chakra Enhancement: These bracelets support spiritual growth and emotional clarity, helping wearers achieve a balanced energy flow for improved mental focus and self-confidence.

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Here are the details for the bracelet sizes:

  • Bead Size - 8mm Chakra
  • Accent Beads - 4mm Clear Quartz
  • These bracelets are a standard size and will fit wrists up to 16cm

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