Labradorite Meaning, Crystals, Free Form Stones and Blue Flash

by Nicky Jessen

Labradorite Meaning, Crystals, Free Form Stones and Blue Flash

Labradorite crystals are the magical gemstones with the amazing blue flash colour within.

If you like the colour blue, then Labradorite is the stone for you.

This beautiful midnight blue stone is the love of the Inuit people who claim its origin is in the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis.

These precious stones have a steely, silvery blue shimmer which makes it highly prized as a healing stone.

However, the shimmer means it can also be worn proudly as a piece of stunning jewellery.

Let's learn more about labradorite meaning and labradorite properties.

Labradorite crystal meaning & its magical power

Labradorite stone is said to be a mystical and highly protection crystal stone. In this sense, it gives you protection from negativity and those people who can really sap your energy.

Judy Hall, the author of The Crystal Bible (the number one crystal book), says Labradorite is a bringer of light. Hall goes on to say 'It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Labradorite deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. It forms a barrier to negative energies shed during therapy.'

labradorite meaning & crystals

The properties of Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite is a mineral of feldspar. It is found naturally as a white transparent or translucent grey stone in common rocks.

It owes its name to its most common area of occurrence; St. Paul's Island, Town of Nain, Labrador, Canada. Moravian Missionaries found the stone on the island and they fell in love with it.

The stone is also referred to as the 'Firestone' or the 'fire rock.' However, now it's also found in Norway, Finland, Scandinavia, Italy, Russia, Madagascar, USA and Mexico.

Healing properties of Labradorite stone

Aside from its unusual colouring, the stone is renowned for its healing properties. According to specialists, the iridescence on the stone can hide a huge amount of power underneath.

The stone can channel healing power, store it and redirect it into specific areas of the body for increased feeling and psychic ability. The healing energy of the labradorite gemstone is one of a kind.

The iridescence also seems to form a protective shield or aura around the wearer similar to how it works in the mineral kingdom.

Also, the labradorite healing properties extend to relieving stress and is said to help issues with the eyes and brain.

Click play on the video below to see the range of blue and yellow tones in this large free form piece of labradorite.

Where does Labradorite get the blue flash from?

The iridescent effect of the stone is due to the weird refraction of light from the stone. This part is often called blue labradorite or just 'blue flash'.

Internally, the submicroscopic planes are oriented in two different directions causing light to reflect away to create the multi-hued shimmer.

Stones that cooled slowly during their formation exhibit the highest amount of shimmer or labradorescence. Normal stones are usually blue-green in colour.

A few rare blue stones can exhibit a whole rainbow of shades while yellow stones are also available but are extremely rare. You will often get a chance to see a lovely golden yellow and blue green colour as you hold it to the light.

Also, the yellow stones do not exhibit the classic shimmer seen with the blue stone.

Using Labradorite for Healing and the impact on the chakras

The stone has an unusual internal structure that is responsible for the shimmering effect seen on the surface of the stone. People love the chakra healing properties to help the root chakra and the sacral chakra.

As a result, it can also absorb personal energy and store it for the wearer to provide protection from people who are spiritual leeches. You know, the ones who you spend an hour with and leave feeling drained and ready for a sleep?

As a result, it can also target the different chakras of the body and realign then to facilitate access to the spiritual power of the wearer.

According to wearers, the stone also seems to enhance the psychic power already present.

Wearers have reported enhanced intuition, mental clarity, better memory, and intuitive wisdom after wearing the stone.

labradorite polished stones

The crystal energy of labradorite can help remove fears and boost your confidence

It also seems to banish insecurity, fears and improves self-reliance and confidence.

Although we cannot recommend any particular chakra, users seem to report an increased effect on the crown and soul star chakra to improve overall health.

The energy of the stone seems to be tuned to upper chakras alike the throat chakra, Third Eye chakra, crown and soul star chakra.

The golden Labradorite, however, seems to focus on the solar plexus chakra to facilitate increased wisdom.

In short, it seems to benefit the entire body in the form of boosted spiritual and mental health and increased self-confidence.

Why are Labradorite palm stones so popular?

Well, Labradorite palm stones are beautiful and that makes them popular! Palm stones are meant to be held in the palm of the hand for maximum effect. You can also get tumble stones, but the labradorite palm stones are the preferred ones to unleash this stone of magic.

They are oval and can also be mounted in gold and silver to make jewellery. In short, they act as barrier stones or protection stones.

The stones are ground to show the maximum amount of shimmer. This focuses the power and strength of the stone and allows it to prevent all kinds of spiritual and mental attacks.

It can absorb spiritual energy, reflect negative energy and keep the wearer focused on positive tasks.

In our technology-filled world, the stone can also filter out harmful emissions from devices and preserve overall health.

Various labradorite stone shapes

Because of the labradorite healing nature and the labradorite color, this wonderful gemstone is often made into crystal points, labradorite hearts and angels. 

A lot of people love to have a guardian angel watching over them. Therefore, to create a more powerful visualisation, they like to hold a labradorite crystal angel in their hands, especially when meditating.

Other people love to wear labradorite such as labradorite earrings. The lovely play of colour and metaphysical properties provide a wonderful feeling of positivity for those who wear it.

Many love the jewellery as it shimmers like Aqua Aura in the right light, but is a much deeper colour. Some labradorite has no blue flash and is like black tourmaline. But those who know crystals can easily spot the difference.

The birthstone for Labradorite

Labradorite is not a traditional birthstone; it is not included on the official list but it is recommended for people born on February 19 to March 19.

It seems to work effectively on these people and results in improved mental and spiritual effects.

Apart from these people, Labradorite also seems to work very effectively on the sun sign Leo.

People who celebrate their birthdays between July 23 and August 22 can also benefit from wearing this stone.

Unusual Labradorite facts

1. Golden Labradorite is extremely rare and occurs as a crystal clear gold or champagne-colour. Another rarer version is called Spectrolite and it exhibits the entire colour spectrum vividly.
2. According to Norse Mythology, the stone was created by the gods as a bridge to heaven for ordinary mortals.
3. According to the Inuit's, a warrior walking on the rocks found the shimmering stone. He then proceeded to beat the hell out of the rocks as he thought it had captured the Aurora Borealis or Night lights. Sadly, all his efforts went to waste but he did get a wonderfully beautiful stone to wear.
4. In Welsh culture, the stone honours Arianrhod, the Welsh Goddess of Moon and Stars who resides in the Aurora Borealis. The stone is also used to honour Cerridwen, the Welsh Goddess of knowledge.
5. The stones seem to help people who work with their hands. For example, dentist, physiotherapist and massage therapists can benefit considerably by wearing the stone or having it within their practice.


Learn how you can use Labradorite

Labradorite is available in several unique shapes and designs. However, cutting the stone to get maximum shine is a little difficult due to its internal mineral structure.

This is what makes the free form labradorite so unique to own. Not only that, but a small palm stone with a lot of flash is one gemstone you must snap up as soon as you see it. They are very rare.

You can find mounted and loose stones in a variety of price ranges online. Personally, the palm stone is a beautiful shape and it's perfect for just carrying around.

You can also wear earrings and rings to focus spiritual energy and hear messages from spirit guides. Pendants are ideal for focusing energy and improving mental and emotional health.

Labradorite beads or chains are also great for improving focus or facilitating self-improvement. You can also carry the stone in your pocket or tuck it into your bra to encourage close skin contact with the stone.

Or you may like to keep a piece in your bedroom, work office or home office.

Enhancing your intuition and psychic development

The stone has a strong intuitive property. Users have stated that it can literally tell them what to do in a particular situation.

You have no doubt had those hunches where you just knew you had to take action in a certain situation.

It could have been the answer you got about your current life partner or perhaps the decision to move to another city.

Many use the crystal and gemstone to help find their soul purpose in life. The reason they are here. Along the way to finding your life purpose, you need to make a number of potentially life-changing decisions.

If you would like to develop your psychic ability and develop your intuition to serve you, then the natural crystal of labradorite is a perfect addition to your collection.

It always feels great when you are moving forwards in life, towards your life purpose.

Meditating with your crystal clusters, free form or palm stones

You will need to meditate with it to build your own connection but listen to the stone as it creates a huge benefit both spiritually and mentally.

The key here is to ask your most pressing questions as you go into your meditation.

Before you begin to meditate, find a quiet place and have your labradorite nearby. You will also want to hold a nice size palm stone as well.

Then before you start to meditate, think about the one pressing issue you have, the important decision you need guidance on and write it down.

While meditating, begin to focus your intention on your question and see what answers come your way.

The exciting healing crystal - Labradorite

Hopefully, you are as excited about this beautiful and magical gemstone as we are. When you rotate a piece of this gemstone, it is just like looking into the Northern lights of the Aurora Borealis.

Radiant, magical & inspiring.

Peace and Love.


Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


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