What Does Wearing Amethyst Do For You?

One of my first memories of crystals was my love of Amethyst. From the very beginning I absolutely cherished the beauty of Amethyst and without a thought, I was wearing it too. In this blog, I will cover what does wearing amethyst do for you and some of the lovely benefits of wearing this uplifting and beautiful crystal.

Amethyst is a beautiful stone that many people wear, and there are many reasons why. In fact, many people, like me, are so drawn to the lovely energy of Amethyst, that we just start wearing it without any thought to the benefits of wearing it.

What are the benefits of wearing amethyst jewellery?

Wearing amethyst jewellery is believed to bring emotional stability and inner strength. You will naturally feel stronger and more centered when wearing amethyst.

On that note, remember to focus your intention on stability and inner strength, and watch your world unfold to manifest that for you.

what does wearing amethyst do for you

This gemstone is said to enhance spiritual awareness and promote a higher state of consciousness.

You are no doubt aware that all crystals have an energy about them. Their vibration is in tune with certain frequencies, and so to with Amethyst.

Benefits of wearing an amethyst bracelet

When it comes to amethyst bracelets, it is said to help balance the energy in the body, which is especially important for those who are sensitive to energy.

With the amount of EMFs circulating around us nowadays, it is important to balance that negative energy with the calming effect of Amethyst. If you are looking for the best EMF protection crystals, then Amethyst would be helpful.

amethyst bracelet benefits of wearing

By balancing the energy, you will likely feel more uplifted and positive.

You will also get a lot of positive comments from your girlfriends and colleagues on how stunning your amethyst bracelet looks, which is a lovely bonus.

Benefits of wearing an amethyst pendant

When it comes to wearing amethyst pendants, amethyst is said to be a powerful and protective stone. And who doesn't need more protectiong nowadays, right?

It's believed to help guard against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love and protecting the wearer from all types of harm, including geopathic or electromagnetic stress.

wearing amethyst pendants with three beautiful crystals

Now you may be wondering, what is a psychic attack?

A psychic attack refers to the use of negative energy or intent to harm or manipulate another person's mental or emotional state.

If you feel this is happening, focus your intention on the protective properties of your amethyst crystal.

This will help ward off the unwanted psychic attack you are experiencing.

I love wearing my amethyst ring

Women who wear amethyst crystals often feel a renewed sense of happiness, peace, and serenity. For me, I have this feeling when I am wearing my amethyst ring.

It gives me a sense of joy and peacefulness, not to mention the lovely calming nature of this gemstone.

You may also feel a sense that you are more protected against stress in your daily life. I know for me, with three teenage girls, and driving around Sydney, I have plenty of stress in my life. You are no doubt very similar.

So wearing your amethyst ring, bracelet or pendant can help lessen the stress you feel.

Overall, wearing amethyst is believed to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the mind and body, helping to eliminate negative thoughts and promoting emotional stability and inner strength.

Amethyst makes for a wonderful gift idea, especially if you know your friends or loved one loves these sparkling crystals.