Amethyst Jewellery - Facts, Benefits & Healing Properties

by Nicky Jessen

Amethyst Jewellery - Facts, Benefits & Healing Properties

Amethyst jewellery has always been popular due to its elegant and sophisticated look. Each amethyst piece is timeless, and being a natural polished crystal supplied by Mother Nature, will never go out of fashion.

You will love the compliments you receive when wearing amethyst jewellery and these pieces always look stunning when set in either 925 sterling silver, rose gold or gold.

Before we discuss the interesting facts, healing properties and benefits, let's jump straight into the top Amethyst jewellery pieces for your viewing pleasure ;-)

Amethyst Pendant Jewellery

When it comes to amethyst pendant jewellery, you want to make sure you find a designer who can make the amethyst crystal truly sparkly.

The best jewellers are able to find the best way to polish a natural amethyst crystal so it shimmers in the light as you move around.

The craftsmanship is key when it comes to an amethyst necklace, so be sure to look around all the options available on this site and choose the one that sings to your heart.

All amethyst pendant jewellery and necklaces are elegant, sophisticated and stylish. They will never go out of fashion, as is the case with all-natural crystal jewellery pieces.

These do make a lovely gift idea for a wedding, birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.


Amethyst Bracelets

Amethyst bracelets are such a beautiful addition to any outfit. What you will find inspiring about these jewellery pieces are the beautifully polished amethyst crystal spheres.

Amethyst is such a lovely calming and healing stone and the fact you get to wear this lovely item on your wrist, right near your pulse, is even better.

You likely already know this, but every amethyst bracelet is 100% unique as no two crystals will ever be the same. So, you can be guaranteed you will be the only one wearing this exact piece, such is the beauty and wonder of amethyst.

For those who love the calming and healing effects of amethyst, a bracelet is a wonderful, subtle way to receive those benefits.

You will notice on this site we also have an amethyst charm bracelet too.


Amethyst Earrings

One of the most common compliments you will get when wearing amethyst jewellery with a quality 925 sterling silver, is the lovely contrast.

Amethyst earrings always look beautiful when set in sterling silver as you can see by the photos on this page or on those amethyst earrings we have for sale.

You can get a range of amethyst earrings including:

  • Stud earrings
  • Amethyst drop earrings
  • Birthstone earrings
  • Amethyst threader earrings

No matter if you like amethyst stud earrings, dangling earrings, teardrop shape, an oval shape or a lovely faceted pair of amethyst earrings, they will look elegant and timeless on you.

You will receive a number of lovely comments from friends and family when wearing amethyst earrings.


Amethyst rings

You have no doubt seen some beautiful amethyst rings in your time. Or perhaps you have bought a few of your own.

An amethyst ring always looks beautiful on and is such an eye-catching piece.

Whether you like to have a diamond stud ring alongside your amethyst gemstone or you prefer to let the amethyst stone be the centrepiece, you will get years and years of joy out of it.

One of the challenges with buying rings online is the ring size. What we have done is to focus on amethyst rings that are adjustable but still look elegant, stylish & timeless.

What is the amethyst birthstone?

Amethysts birthstone is associated with a specific birth month with a historical significance and unique meaning.

The status of birthstones can be dated back to ancient times when societies understood the subtle energies of each crystal, for instance, luck, prosperity, protection and good health.

Each month was linked to a certain jewel; however, some months were linked with more than one gemstone. The colour was the most fundamental thing to distinguish months. For instance:

January birthstone was mined in rainbow colours such as fiery orange, green and garnet colour. The amethyst stones of January symbolised trust and friendship.

February had a variety of Quartz with spectacular purple blending deep violet, red and a lighter lilac hue. Here the ancient Greeks had a belief that the February gemstones protected the wearers from insobriety and enabled them a balanced mindset.

What are the benefits of amethyst?

While in search of a well-rounded healing stone that will boost your well-being physically, mentally, and spiritually, amethysts is the most recommended.

This gemstone balances the mind, spirit, body, and sets them connected for holistic wellness.

Amethyst Benefits for the Body


Amethyst jewellery carries calming and serene powers that have a positive effect on your bodies relaxation. It pacifies the body, reducing nervousness, restlessness, and anxieties.

All you need is to hold this stone on your hands to realise these effects or have them in your room with you. This is one reason why Amethyst geodes are so popular.

Promotes hormonal balance.

Amethyst jewellery has been known to help balance the endocrine system, responsible for the manufacture of certain hormones.

Available literature demonstrates that hormonal imbalances contribute to significant body issues such as weight gain, painful breasts, libido loss, disrupted menstrual cycles, cellulite, and migraines.

As such, many have used the amethyst stone to help boost the performance of the endocrine system. This, in turn, will ensure optimal performance of the hypothalamus, pituitary glands, thyroid, adrenal glands, reproductive glands, pancreases, and pineal gland.

Therefore, if you have issues with your body systems, consider sitting next to amethysts stone to help you achieve optimal endocrine performance and bring your hormones into a better balance.

Amethyst stone benefits for the Mind

Stress Reliever

Amethyst has a strong calming effect which helps balance emotions, mind, anger, sadness, anxiety, and reduces fear. Sitting next to the stone provides the soothing comfort that melts stress and worries away.

Spiritual benefits of Amethysts

Amethyst jewellery protects, cleanses, and heals our spiritual orientations.  It cleanses the aura and protects us against psychic and negative energy attack transmitting all this to love.

What are five interesting facts about amethyst jewellery?

  1. In ancient times, farmers believed that wearing the amethyst protected their crops against hailstones and locust invasion.
  2. Mathew one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, amethyst was his emblem.
  3. Leonardo da Vinci, the leading Italian artist and intellectual during Renaissance, believed in the power of amethyst jewellery to control evil spirits, promote intelligence and instilled shrewdness character for men in business matters.
  4. Ancient Bishops wore amethyst rings, as some believed amethyst could bring luck to petitioners.
  5. Once in History, amethysts were referred to as "Jewel of the Gods."

Why is amethyst popular as a gift idea?

Gifting your friend or most intimate person an amethyst stone as a gift show how you value their friendship. Besides, you demonstrate your knowledge to her and your more in-depth understanding of the innermost desires and needs.

  • Rose quartz shows unconditional love and courage.
  • Larimar will promote your friend relaxation and calmness.
  • Agate serves a perfect gift for a friend undergoing hard times.
  • Clear quartz is an excellent all-purpose stone believed to re-energize your mind, body, and spirit. It calms the connection between two people and amplifies spiritual growth.

Amethyst stone Historical Background and Meaning

The word "Amethysts" has a Greek origin, a-("not") and methustos ("intoxicated"). In other words, amethusos means sobriety. In reference to the general belief that the stone served as a protector to its owner from drunkenness and instilled serious mind.

The ancient Roman and Greeks wore the amethyst stone while making drinking vessels and believed the stone would potentially prevent intoxication.

Amethyst stone is purple and is an ornamental stone in jewellery. The Amethyst purple gemstones are traditionally considered as one of the most valuable gemstones along with diamond jewellery, sapphire, ruby, and emerald among others.

The stone deposits are found in abundance in Brazil where it occurs in geodes in the volcanic rocks. Zambia also produces about 1,000 tonnes annually. Besides, it can be found in South Korea, and the largest deposits ever are found in Maissau in lower Australia. Finest quality of the amethysts stone comes from Russia.

In summary, Amethyst jewellery is a beautiful gemstone with a rich historical background and its effects on the body, spirituality, and emotions are incomparable. Indeed, it is a wonderful jewellery.

Where to buy Amethyst Jewellery in Australia

Nothing is quite as spectacular as a lovely amethyst jewellery piece. You can see why they are so easy to fall in love with.

I love buying amethyst jewellery pieces for you my customers as each piece brings a smile to my face.

We love working with the best crystal jewellers in Australia, who have a love and respect for each crystal piece they are working with. As a result, you will only see beautiful pieces of jewellery here.

You now get to benefit from the beautiful jewellery craftsmanship that these jewellers go through to bring you these lovely amethyst jewellery gift ideas.

No matter if it is an anniversary gift, birthday gifts or just because you love them, amethyst is a well-intentioned gift idea. Or you could always purchase gift cards here.

It goes without saying, you can buy amethyst jewellery here in Australia through this website, Earth Inspired Gifts.

I look forward to shipping your next amethyst jewellery piece.

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