Fake Himalaya Salt Candy - You Have Been Warned

There has been a huge ground swell of people buying fake Himalaya Salt Candy in Malaysia and warnings are now circulating for buyers to beware.

Himalayan salt lamps have been growing in popularity for over a decade and it seems the health benefits of Himalayan salt are making their way to Sports Candy.

The main manufacturer of one of the most popular Himalaya Salt candies is a Malaysian manufacturer, Big Foot.

Big Foot Malaysia sending out warning messages

Big Foot is now actively campaigning against a counterfeit company who is also selling what appears to be the exact same version of the popular candy.

Big Foot turned to social media channels and a specific Facebook post here to warn buyers of the counterfeit product making its way across various channels, and it is working very well.

And already, within one day, the post had over 4,500 comments and 19,000+ shares via Facebook.

Some of the comments to Big Foot Malaysia are around their love for the product but how frequently it sells out in stores.

Many people have commented asking them to increase their production levels so counterfeit produces cannot cash in when stores are low in stock.

Below is a picture of their warning they issued via their Facebook page.

fake himalaya salt candy big foot malaysia

Is Himalaya Salt Sports Candy sold in Australia?

Short answer, No.

At this stage, it is manufactured in Malaysia and sold througout stores in both Malaysia and Singapore.

There are many benefits to Himalayan salt lamps, which are derived from the lovely Himalayan salt.

But here in Australia, there are strict food safety standards and obligations all food manufacturer's have to meet.

The good news is, Himalayan table salt is widely sold and used in many high-end restaurants in their cooking processes.

In fact, you can buy Himalayan table salt in all major supermarkets here in Australia but not Himalayan salt candy.

Who is behind the fake Himalaya salt candy product?

It appears, according to reports online, Lazada is reportedly the one selling the counterfeit Himalaya salt candy. In several posts asking for a refund, Big Foot Malaysia has suggested people contact Lazada to get a refund.

Big Foot Malaysia have been very clear in their Facebook post to identify the differences in the fake product versus the genuine.

If you have already bought a geniune pack of Himalaya Salt candy from Big Foot, then keep that packet once finished and reference the exact styling so you can be assured you buy the genuine product going forward.

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