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Crystal wands aren't just for fairy tales or decorating a room. They carry magic all on their own, known for their healing touch, soothing massages, and the kind of magic that doesn't just live in movies.

As a mom to three wonderful kids, I've seen my fair share of pretend play with fairy wands, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary with just a flick.

But beyond the play, there's real magic in these wands – a kind that can bring balance, peace, and a little bit of healing into our lives.

It's amazing how a crystal wand, much like those fairy wands, can spark the imagination.

Yet, they do so much more by transforming our energy, soothing our minds, and making any day feel a bit more enchanted.

Fairy godmother in Cinderella and her magic wand

You don't have to stretch your memory back too far when the idea of CinderellaFairy godmother in Cinderella and her magical wand pops into your head and the fairy godmother's magical wand.

You may remember in the beginning life was just happening to her. She had to endure her circumstances and never really had a vision for her future.

Then one day, things began to change with the fairy godmother using her magical wand to change her life for the better.

With the swish of her magical wand, she turned the pumpkin into a coach, the mice into horses and of course, Cinderella's rag dress into a stunning ball gown.

Crystal wands for your real-life use

The vision that was created for Cinderella may be nearer than you think. 

These can assist in bringing the magic into your life in so many different areas and we'll cover those in this post.

You may not ride off into the night and be the princess of the most well-known prince, but you can manifest things into your life using your crystal wand.

How healing crystal wands work

You can use yours in several different ways.

One way you can use them is to help direct energy through the point. Where does the energy come from you might ask?

The energy comes from your intentions. As with all crystals, it is important to set your intentions first and program your crystal wand for the exact purpose you want.

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Getting rid of negative energy with your crystal wand

Many energy healers recommend using a selenite crystal wand to help remove the negative energy from a tough day at work.

When you first get your wand, you should program it with positive intentions.

If you are using it to get rid of negative energy, then program some positive intentions such as:

  • Other people do not control my emotions, only I can control them.
  • I am happily releasing all the negative energies from today.
  • I feel calm and at peace with what is happening in my life.
  • I love to transform negative energy into love and light in my life.
  • I am feeling grateful for all the wonderful lessons on my journey today.
  • Positive energy flows through my body every single day.

Your goal is to say as many of these as you are holding your wand to program them into your crystal.

One suggested method is after a tough day at work, you pick up your wand as soon as you walk in your door and feel the positive energy created by your positive affirmations.

Some of my clients will use the wand like a brush over their body and use it to brush away the negative energies of the day.

How to use your crystal wand after a tough day at work

So picture walking in from work, grabbing your wand, and using the positive energy to brush away the negativity of the day.

You can do this across your arms, chest, and legs.

For those who are involved in work that requires touch, like doctors or massage therapists, you might want to make sure you brush the negativity from the top of your shoulder, down your arm, and through your fingers.

You want to create a visual image and association you are brushing all the negativity from the day away.

Once you have brushed the negativity away, reprogram and associate coming home with the new positive affirmations mentioned above.

Just know your wand can have the highest of energies possible and will flow into and through you.

Power of clearing negativity - guided meditation

To feel the benefits of clearing the negativity, find a quiet place and a spare 15 minutes and click play on the guided meditation below.

With over 1.5 million views, this is one meditation you will likely revisit. You are welcome to view our best meditation crystals blog post too.

Types of Crystal Healing Wands - Reiki Healing Crystals with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite Crystal and more

The beauty of crystal wands is the number of varieties available to you.

You can get them in all your major crystals including

But one of the most common crystals used for wands is the handmade selenite one. So many people use selenite wands.

Selenite is such a powerful healing crystal and has so many benefits.

Selenite is a stone associated with mental clarity. 

Healing Reiki energy healers suggest every home should have several different selenite crystals.

Clear Quartz Crystal Wands: Balancing Your Chakras with Nature's Beauty

Let's dive into the world of Clear Quartz Crystal Wands, your go-to for bringing balance and a sense of peace into your daily life. 

These are not just stones; they're your partners in nurturing your inner harmony. 

Start by forming a connection with it. 

Share with it your desires for balance and wellness, just as you might confide in a close friend. 

Whether you're looking to release stress or amplify positive energy, your wand is there to support your journey toward a more balanced self.

Here’s a simple guide to using your 7 chakra crystal wands with each chakra:

  • Root Chakra (base of your spine): "I am secure and grounded, embraced by the earth's strength."
  • Sacral Chakra (below your belly button): "Creativity and joy flow freely within me."
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (stomach area): "I am confident and in control, shining brightly like the sun."
  • Heart Chakra (center of your chest): "Love and compassion bloom effortlessly in my heart."
  • Throat Chakra (throat region): "I communicate my truth with ease and grace."
  • Third Eye Chakra (forehead, between the eyes): "I trust my intuition and welcome clarity into my life."
  • Crown Chakra (top of the head): "I am open to the universe’s wisdom and peace."

Visualise the energy as a gentle, illuminating force, unblocking and cleansing your chakras. 

Picture it as a beam of light, guiding you to a place of well-being and serenity.

Incorporating this practice into your routine, whether it's at the start of your day or as a calming end, can profoundly influence your sense of well-being. 

It’s like giving your spirit a refreshing drink of water, rejuvenating and readying you for whatever lies ahead.

This journey with your quartz is deeply personal and unique. Let it be a joyful exploration of your inner landscape, guided by intuition and the natural beauty of the crystal.

Various shapes - Polish, Point Wand and Massage

There are several different shapes and nearly all of them will be polished crystal and can be:

  • Rounded at the end
  • Rounded at both ends
  • Tapered down one end
  • Spiral-shaped
  • Double-terminated crystal ones
  • Faceted crystal obelisk healing ones

If you click the link below you will be able to see the various shapes of the selenite crystals and even the orgonite one is a slightly different shape again.

We also included the lovely fluorite crystal generator points.

Embracing Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft in Modern Practice

Stepping further into our exploration of crystal wands, we uncover their significance in Wicca and witchcraft.

This ancient practice, rich in tradition and deeply connected to the natural world, sees crystal wands as powerful tools.

Wiccans and witches use these handcrafted symbols of magic to channel their intentions, weaving together the metaphysical with the everyday.

Through rituals and ceremonies grounded in pagan roots, practitioners find a profound sense of empowerment and connection to the universe.

Wicca crystal wands are lovingly handcrafted, a process that begins with the careful selection of natural crystals known for their spiritual and healing energies.

Artisans, deeply connected to the traditions of Wicca and witchcraft, shape each crystal by hand, respecting the natural form while imbuing each piece with intention and care.

Concluding the best crystal wands

Are you looking for your magic wand? Would you like to be able to materialise the most amazing things in your life?

Then you need to get clear with your intentions and you program your crystals with positive affirmations and get them associated with your future success, then you can see the results for yourself.

There is limitless positive energy in this world and what we focus on we tend to bring into our lives.

Now is the time to get your crystal wand here in Australia, and program it with your best intentions for a positive and bright life. Earth Inspired Gifts is an Australian company dedicated to finding the best gemstone with wonderful energy and healing properties.

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