Crystal Healing Wand with Clear Quartz Point for Reiki

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You will love these Clear Quartz Point Healing Crystal Wand for Reiki with one end pointed and the other end flat, so it can stand up straight.

If you are looking to do some crystal healing on you or would like to do it on others, then a crystal point is one of the best options to use.

As you are no doubt aware, the Clear Quartz point healing wand is able to draw and channel energy inward or outward depending on how you position the wand.

Size and weight of these Clear Quartz point crystal healing wands

Clear Quartz point No 1

  • Weight: 67grams
  • Height: 58mm
  • 25mm x 25mm

Clear Quartz point No 2

  • Weight: 40grams
  • Height: 58mm
  • 20mm x 18mm

Clear Quartz point No 3

  • Weight: 33grams
  • Height: 54mm
  • 19mm x 17mm

Clear Quartz point No 4

  • Weight: 38grams
  • Height: 57mm
  • 18mm x 20mm

Chakra balancing with your Clear Quartz point crystal wand

Point crystals are ideal to use for Reiki and for helping to balance your chakras.

You can go on to YouTube and see how professional Reiki practitioners use the point crystal healing wands to release blocked energy around certain chakras.

Crystal points are also a good size for those who are looking for the best crystals for meditation too.

Benefits of the Clear Quartz crystal point healing wand

You can read all about the benefits of Clear Quartz here. Clear Quartz is the number one crystal for amplifying energy, to give clarity of mind and is the master of all healing crystals.

Many love to use Clear Quartz to enhance their awareness and intuition and to get make better spiritual connections.

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