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You have likely seen a citrine point for sale at the markets or in some high-end jewellery stores. As you can see here, we have some beautiful baked Citrine Natural point with a magnificent earthy colour.

Citrine is an effective tool to attract love, happiness, and abundance. It also cleanses your aura which may help you be more confident around other people and boost your self-esteem by making you feel happier inside yourself.

You will notice the beautiful range of crystal colours in these citrine natural points from the deep orange colour to the back of the crystal, which is lighter in colour.

What is the Citrine crystal great for?

Citrine is the perfect crystal increasing the vibration and energy in your life. Given the beautiful natural earthy look and feel to it, it reminds you of being centred and getting the maximum energy from the Earth.

Citrine is also perfect for those who have a creative type of job or need more creativity in their life. They say over the next handful of years, it is the ideas you come up with that will set you apart from your colleagues.

For those in a work environment who need more creativity, Citrine crystals are the perfect addition to your workspace.

You may have also heard that Citrine is a stone of abundance. For those looking for more prosperity then consider adding pieces of citrine around your home.

To get the abundant mindset when using citrine, set your intention clearly on what you would like to achieve and anchor it with this crystal. So you might like to focus on something in particular and touch or look at the citrine crystal as you are doing it.

You may already realise you have a 'wealth corner' of your home. It is best to place your citrine crystal in the wealth corner. This is the back left part of the house as you are standing at the front door looking towards the back part of your home.

Size of these natural citrine point crystals

  • Small
  • Weight: Approx 20 - 45grams
  • Approx 50mm x 17mm
  • Medium
  • Weight: Approx 50 - 80grams
  • Approx 70mm x 38mm
  • Large
  • Weight Approx: 85 - 120grams
  • Approx 75mm x 42mm

    Please note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each natural Citrine crystal point is made from a natural stone and will vary slightly.

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