Black Tourmaline Point Reiki Protection Wand - Handcrafted Crystal Point for Energy Balancing

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Experience the grounding power of our Black Tourmaline Point Reiki Protection Wand, meticulously handcrafted to channel energy and promote healing.

Key details

  • Grounding and Protection: This Black Tourmaline point is a powerful tool for grounding oneself to the Earth’s energy. Its ability to clear negative energy and convert it into positive energy makes it ideal for root chakra activation, enhancing your sense of security and stability.
  • Meditation and Spiritual Growth: Utilise this wand during meditation to deepen your spiritual practice. The pointed end helps focus energy, facilitating a clearer connection with the higher self and advancing spiritual growth.
  • Handcrafted Uniqueness: Each point is uniquely crafted from natural stones, ensuring that no two points are the same. This personal touch amplifies the point’s natural properties as a gift and as a tool in energy work.
  • Versatile Uses: Beyond its use in reiki and energy healing, this Black Tourmaline point can serve as a striking piece of decor, enhancing any room with its elegance and energetic properties.
  • Holistic Healing Support: Black Tourmaline is reputed for its comprehensive healing attributes, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual distress, and promoting a holistic balance.
  • Ideal for Energy Practitioners: Whether used in reiki, chakra balancing, or other forms of energy work, this point supports practitioners in clearing, energising, and protecting spaces or individuals from stress and negativity.

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Size and weight of these Black Tourmaline points

Black Tourmaline Point No.1

  • Weight: 352grams
  • Height: 130mm
  • 40mm x 34mm

Black Tourmaline Point No.2

  • Weight: 355grams
  • Height: 125mm
  • 35mm x 36mm

Black Tourmaline Point No.3

  • Weight: 350grams
  • Height: 125mm
  • 40mm x 36mm

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