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We now have available this beautiful Amethyst Crystal Pendant in a beautiful sterling silver setting. This is a lovely piece that has two crescent moons on either side of the amethyst piece.

The amethyst jewellery piece is beautiful and elegant, just like the people who wear it.

You will get compliments from anyone you meet when wearing this gorgeous jewellery because of its calming energy that leaves everyone around feeling calm too!

Here are the approximate specs of your Amethyst Pendant

  • Pendant size - 20mm x 8mm
  • Depth - 3mm
  • 40cm chain with 5cm extension

What is Amethyst used for?

Amethyst is calming and soothing, with a sobering, down to earth aspect. It can be used in meditation to guide you to your highest ideals, transforming lower vibrations into higher ones whilst maintaining a sense of composure and serenity.

Amethyst is a useful tool for reconciliation, as it promotes compassion, empathy and understanding. It has a reputation for helping relieve insomnia and overcoming addictions.

Amethyst opens the crown chakra, clears the aura and protects against psychic attack.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Amethyst Pendant is made from natural stone and will vary slightly.

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