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This beautiful 7 Chakra Tree of Life pendant makes for an incredible energy piece.

There are 7 sections of tumbled chips creating the leaves on a silver-plated wire wrapped silver tree necklace.

Whether worn daily or used during spiritual practices, these Orgonite Chakra Necklace serves as a constant reminder of your commitment to inner peace and holistic health.

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How big is the 7 chakra gemstone tree of life pendant?

  • The size of the pendant is approx 35mm x 35mm

You can see how big it is in the second photo on this page around my neck. Many ladies like to have a pendant that is a comfortable size. I know I do. You may be the same in that you don't want a pendant that is too big.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each 7 Chakra Tree of Life pendant is made from natural stones and will vary slightly. Black cord shown in the photograph is not included with the pendant.

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The 7 Chakra tree of life pendant is perfect to feel happy

Your tree of life pendant will provide a feeling of joy. It has been known to be a very uplifting pendant to have around your neck.

If you ever feel you need some positive energy and to connect to your roots, then wear this beautiful 7 chakra tree of life pendant.

Gift ideas for loved ones

The wire wrap tree or necklace tree is an ideal gift for a family member or loved one. You can use them for yourself or as birthday gifts or even anniversary gifts.

One of our top picks for anyone considering the 7 chakra stones in a lovely jewellery item is this round pendant.

This will always feature in our top gifts due to the coloured gemstones with a perfectly twisted silver tree.

The tree of life pendant Chakra necklace will remind you of Mother Nature

Have you ever walked around in a park and stopped near a tree and felt the need to take your thongs or shoes off? When you are out in nature, you and I have a natural tendency to want to connect to the Earth.

It is the same feeling when you have a tree of life necklace. You will always have a feeling of being connected to the largest energy supplier in the world. Mother Nature is the ultimate provider of energy. So get connected today and complement it with a tree of life pendant ;-)

Each colour section of tumbled chips represents one of the 7 major Chakras. Wear this beautiful pendant when working, to keep negativity at bay, remain centred, and enhance healing.

You will get so many positive comments on your chakra necklace tree of life pendant

The great thing about the tree of life is how many people will comment on it.

You know those impossible to deal with people? The negative ones? You will likely find they no longer bother you. It is hard to be negative around such a positive every force like this 7 chakra tree of life pendant.

Press play on the video below to find out more about Earth Inspired Gifts and how we came into existence.

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