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Are you looking for an Online New Age Crystal Shop in Sydney? No matter if you are after a New Age shop, a Metaphysical shop or the best spiritual shops in Sydney, then you have come to the right place.

Hi, my name is Nicky Jessen and I have been running my Online New Age shop in Sydney since 2015.


I'd like to think I have Sydney's best New Age Online store but I like to let my customers from all around Australia (and Sydney of course) to tell us what they think.

Our reviews on Facebook have been exceptional as have our Google reviews.

new age crystal shop in sydney reviews

And it likely due to the constant focus of sourcing the best crystals from around the world.

Click play on the videos below to see a sample of the range of crystals we have in stock.

This first one is our recent shipments of Amethyst Geode caves from Brazil.

Below is a small selection of beautiful amethyst crystals from Brazil and Uruguay.

And if you love Selenite, then you are in the right spot. We've got a range of Selenite tower lamps in different sizes and wide range of selenite crystals. Plus we stock a wide range of crystal lamps including Himalayan salt lamps.

And just for fun, below you'll see a range of lovely green crystals.

So, what exactly is New Age & is it something new?

The funny thing is, despite the name 'New Age' it isn't actually that new at all.

When it comes to New Age spirituality, it has been discussed and analysed since the first Hindu writings of 800 BC.

Same goes for the associated idea of karma, which has an equally early history.

On the somewhat more Western side of things, man was communicating with angels well before Biblical times.

Further to this, there are different views on the number of Gods people have worshipped over the years too. This Quora post identifies an excellent approximate of how many Gods have been worshipped over time.

New Age Spirituality

According to Wikipedia, New Age is a term applied to spiritual or religious beliefs with a focus on the spiritual, the mind and the setting of specific intentions.

Chakras have been relatively standard fare in Eastern religions as the early days, but here's where New Age spirituality steps it up a notch.

It provides the discovery of the human aura. The aura above and around your body is the forcefield where the chakras are located, plus those located within your body.

There are dozens of spiritual theories found in New Age spirituality, and in the associated flow of New Thought spirituality.

You may also notice there has been a crossover of New Age spirituality crossing over with Quantum Mechanics.

Many like to be able to bring across their collection of ideaologies and beliefs and mix them with the latest scientific research.

Participating in spirituality is all about understanding that wherever you place your attention, that is where your energy goes.

Your Pineal gland and RAS

Your Pineal gland is constantly working overtime to help manifest those things you would like to see in your life.

You may already know about the Reticular Activating System or RAS within your body. This is a powerful force that helps your mind filter distractions and bring into your life those things you have set your intention on.

When it comes to New Age spirituality, there is no dogma or philosophy you need to follow.

Crystals and your positive intentions

And each of us are unique. By this I mean some of us resonate with the energies of crystals and love the specific intention each one has.

Crystals are used for protection, to gain clarity in life, to relieve stress and so much more.

If you love crystals like I do, then you will find the group of crystals that allow you to set powerful intentions and bring wonder and magic into your life.

As you can see, New Age spirituality is a broad and fascinating subject to explore. And the path that crystals play in this is a wonderful rabbit hole we all love to explore.