Large Crystals for Sale

Large crystals have an energy about them that is beyond the small crystals. When you walk into a crystal shop and they have some large amethyst geodes or perhaps some impressive large rose quartz spheres, you can feel the energy change.

When it comes to crystal healing, large healing crystals are the best.

Sure, tumbled stones are great and you can meditate with them, which will definitely be incredible. But nothing quite beats a large quartz crystal, fluorite crystals or a natural smoky quartz cluster.

For those who are after EMF protection, you may like to consider the large orgone pyramids, which are truly spectacular.

You can place them around your office desk or home office.

large crystals for sale geodes amethyst rose

Large crystals for your office space

Depending on the size of your office space, you may like to place a brilliant large amethyst geode cave in the reception area. 

Sure, a bouquet of flowers is pretty but nothing is as spectacular as a large Amethyst geode cave.

If you are the manager of a hotel, then you may want to put it to your fellow staff in getting a large amethyst geode cave.

Hotels are filled with brilliant artworks that cover the main walls but a lovely amethyst geode cathedral could really set positive energy when guests walk in.

Yoga, pilates, physio & massage centres

You already know that people go to yoga and pilates as a way to escape the world and get the muscles and body moving in a positive way.

Many studios are now showcasing a large Himalayan salt lamp in their reception area.

Studios want people to feel positive and refreshed when they walk in and carry that momentum and energy into their session.

The image below showcases some beautiful Large Salt Lamps, including some up to 40kgs in size.

large salt lamps