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Large crystals have an energy about them that is beyond the small crystals. When you walk into a crystal shop and they have some large amethyst geodes or perhaps some impressive large rose quartz spheres, you can feel the energy change.

When it comes to crystal healing, large healing crystals are the best for your living space and well-being.

Sure, tumbled stones are great, and you can meditate with them, which will definitely be incredible.

But nothing quite beats a large quartz crystal, fluorite crystals, agate, crystal geode or a natural smoky quartz cluster.

For those after EMF protection, you may like to consider the large orgone pyramids, which are a truly spectacular item.

You can place them around your office desk or home office.

large crystals for sale geodes amethyst rose

5 Sparkling Reasons to Adorn Your Space with a Large Crystal in 2024

Ladies, gather around for a tale of transformation, energy, and, of course, a touch of crystal magic.

Imagine stepping into a room where a majestic amethyst geode cave catches the light, its vibrant purples and deep lavenders sparkling with an almost otherworldly glow.

This isn't just decor; it's an invitation to a world of wonder and energy.

Here are five reasons why having a large crystal in your home or office isn’t just a choice, but a necessity for the soul:

    1. A Centerpiece with Purpose: Picture a large rose quartz sphere sitting gracefully on your coffee table, not only serving as a stunning focal point but also filling the room with vibrations of unconditional love and peace. It’s a constant, gentle reminder to open your heart, both to yourself and to others, creating a sanctuary of warmth and acceptance in your space.

    2. A Touch of Nature’s Majesty: There’s something utterly grounding about having a piece of the earth’s natural beauty within your personal space. A large clear quartz point, standing tall and clear, acts as a daily reminder of your connection to the natural world, its enduring strength and clarity inspiring you to embrace your own.

large amethyst crystal cluster with citrine crystal cluster

  1. A Source of Inspiration: Just as a writer might gaze out a window for inspiration, a large crystal in your workspace can serve a similar purpose. Let its presence spark creativity, its form and structure providing a muse for problem-solving, brainstorming, and dreaming big. It’s not just an office ornament; it’s a wellspring of inspired ideas.

  2. An Energy Shift: Every home has its unique energy, but introducing a large orgonite pyramid can transform this energy dramatically. Feel the shift as this powerful orgone cleanses stagnant vibes, replacing them with a flow of positive energy that rejuvenates not just the space but also your spirit. It’s like having a personal energy filter that ensures only the good vibes get through.

  3. Healing at Hand: The therapeutic benefits of crystals are well-documented, and having a large crystal within reach means you’re always just a touch away from its healing energies. Whether it’s soothing stress with amethyst or boosting confidence with clear quartz, these natural wonders offer a reservoir of healing, right where you need it most.

So, imagine yourself in this newly enchanted space, where every corner radiates positivity, creativity flows freely, and you’re enveloped in an aura of calm and love.

It’s not just a vision; it’s a reality waiting to be created with the perfect large crystal.

Large amethyst crystals for your office space

Depending on the size of your office space, you may like to place a brilliant large amethyst geode cave in the reception area. 

Sure, a bouquet of flowers is pretty, but nothing is as spectacular as a rare Amethyst geode cave.

If you are the manager of a hotel, you may want to put it to your fellow staff to get a large amethyst geode cave.

Hotels are filled with brilliant artwork covering the main walls, but a lovely amethyst geode cathedral could set positive energy when guests walk in.

We source all our large amethyst geode caves from Brazil.

Extra Large Himalayan Salt Lamps for Yoga and Pilates Studios in Australia

You already know that people go to yoga and Pilates to escape the world and get their muscles and body moving positively.

Many studios now showcase one of the most impressive products, the large Himalayan salt lamp, in their reception area.

Studios want people to feel positive and refreshed when they walk in and carry that momentum and energy into their session.

The image below showcases some beautiful Large Salt Lamps, up to 40kgs in size. Crystal lamps are incredibly popular in 2024.

large salt lamps

Please note Australian law only allows selling Himalayan salt lamps up to 5kgs in size. This law was introduced in 2020.

Large Selenite Tower Lamps

You will love the serene glow of our Large Selenite Tower Lamps, a majestic addition to our 'Large Crystals for Sale' collection.

Towering at an impressive height of 35-40cm, these luminous lamps are a striking contrast to our smaller 18-20cm selenite lamps.

large selenite tower lamps

Crafted from high-quality selenite, each lamp exudes a soft, soothing light, creating an ambiance of calm and tranquility.

It is ideal for meditation spaces or as a statement piece in any room. Most of our clients use them in their bedroom or beside their TVs in the lounge room.

These large selenite tower lamps serve as stunning decor and bring the purifying and cleansing benefits of selenite crystal into your home, bedroom, or office.

Their significant size makes them an eye-catching focal point, radiating a peaceful energy that transforms any environment.

Large Quartz Points and Quartz Clusters - Used by Reiki Professionals

Let me share a little story that still sparkles in my memory like the facets of a crystal.

A few years ago, I found myself in a Reiki practitioner's studio, feeling like a human version of a tangled necklace — you know, energy all knotted up.

That's when I experienced the magic of a large quartz crystal point for the first time.

The practitioner, with a warm smile, introduced me to what I initially thought was just a stunning piece of clear quartz.

Little did I know, this wasn't just any crystal; it was about to be my energy's best friend. As they gently placed the large quartz point along my body, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe.

It was like someone had just hit the 'refresh' button on my soul!

The quartz point, they explained, was a powerhouse in helping unblock energy.

Its size wasn't just for show — it amplified the healing process, making the Reiki session even more profound.

I felt lighter, as if that large quartz crystal point had combed through my energy, untangling it strand by strand.

So, to all my fellow crystal enthusiasts and those curious about adding some sparkle to their life — don't underestimate the power of large quartz points and clusters.

Whether you're looking to enhance your own healing journey or just want to add a majestic piece to your collection, these quartz specimens are ideal.

Browse our large range of crystals and find the perfect quartz piece to elevate your collection and bring harmony into your home and life.

Trust me, it's an experience that can truly transform your energy and uplift your spirit. You can read about the best Reiki books here.

The Final Word on Our Large Crystal Stone Collection

As we reach the culmination of our journey through the Large Crystals for Sale page, we've explored a magnificent array of crystals and salt lamps, each with unique allure and healing properties.

From the mesmerising depths of Large Amethyst Geode Caves to the soothing glow of Large Himalayan Salt Lamps and Selenite Lamps, our collection is a testament to nature's beauty and power.

The serene presence of Large Crystal Spheres, the grounding energy of Smoky Quartz Clusters, and the harmonising force of Orgonite Pyramids – each piece has been carefully selected to uplift you spiritually and sooth your mind.

These large crystals and lamps are more than decorative elements.

They are tools for healing, instruments of peace, and symbols of the earth's majestic artistry.

When you shop online and buy a big mineral or healing stones, please know that shipping will be based on the weight of the crystal.

Feel free to reach out as we are available to answer any questions you have.