Power Cord with Stopper for Salt Lamps (12V DC)

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If you have a small to medium size salt lamp, then the best power cord for you is one with a stopper.

The reason you need a stopper is so you can place the bulb into the Himalayan salt lamp and it doesn't get pushed too far in.

With the small to medium size natural salt lamps and the carved salt lamps, you only need to push the bulb in as far as the stopper.

Please Note: All of our lamps already come with this standard cord. This is a replacement cord in case of breakage or loss. Please make sure that you have the correct globe for your power cord. This cord is not compatible with the 15watt (220-240V) globe.

The power cord is designed for the screw in E14 12watt (12V) globes and meets the Australian standard.

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