Blue Quartz Crystal Benefits, Meaning & Uses Updated for 2024

Blue quartz crystals are stunningly attractive crystals with a wonderful positive energy about them.

But let's get back to the basics. Blue quartz crystals are a beautiful gemstone to look at. This is why blue quartz is such an attractive crystal.

No matter if you are looking for a blue quartz tumble, sphere or natural rough cluster, they will catch anyone's eye when placed around your home or office.

Blue quartz healing crystals: The meaning of this stunning stone

Blue quartz is said to help calm the mind of those who get anxious. It also contributes to removing the fears you may have in your mind.

So one of the main benefits of blue quartz is one of being calm or helping to become calm. If you have children who you feel could benefit from being calm, then it may help to try some of these placed in their bedroom.

Likewise, many adults suffer fears daily and get anxious. Blue quartz is not a replacement for medical advice, but they are reported to help with these issues.

Benefits of Blue Quartz Stone

Another advantage of blue quartz is the suggestion it can help with your immune system. In particular, some experts write that it can help with the functioning of the lungs, eyes, heart and throat.

Blue quartz is a calming stone and has a beautiful appearance. It is said to aid in communication, which aligns well with its soothing crystal property.

As the saying goes, you are born with two ears and one mouth. Noble and wise people are renowned for giving in-depth, thoughtful answers when in conversation. It makes sense then, the calmer you are when communicating, the better your response and the clearer your communication.

So if you are looking to be bright, articulate and appear wise, then provide calm, well-thought-out responses. Blue quartz will not only help our communication but will boost your creativity as well.

Blue Quartz - Some people also like Aqua Aura.

It is important to distinguish between blue Quartz and Aqua Aura. We have some beautiful Aqua Aura clusters, earrings, pendants and polished points, but these are NOT blue quartz.

Where the confusion comes from is the blue colour. Aqua Aura is such a beautiful piece of quartz that is bonded with Gold to create the magical blue colour.

You can see from the image below if you were looking for the beautiful blue Aqua Aura then you might type in blue quartz crystal to get there.

blue quartz aqua aura

People love the Blue Aqua Aura colour and use the words 'blue quartz' in the search engines to try and find the jewellery they are looking for.

At the bottom of this page, we have our full collection of lovely aqua aura crystals.

So what is Blue quartz?

Blue quartz, according to healing crystals, gets the blue colour from tiny Tourmaline, Rutile or Zoisite inclusions within the quartz.

What sort of crystals or jewellery can you buy blue quartz in?

Most people love to buy blue quartz tumble stones. The blue quartz tumble stones are the perfect size to fit in your pocket (to help with communication and clarity) or to place in and around your home.

We have a couple on the kitchen window sill and the girls' bedrooms.

The trick with blue quartz is not to get it confused with other blue crystals and gemstones.

As you can appreciate, if you love the colour blue, like one of my daughter's, then all sorts of blue crystals, tumbles and gemstones will be classed as 'blue quartz'.

But you are now the wiser, so no need to make that standard quartz crystal sphere

The other very common piece to buy is the blue quartz sphere. They are beautiful and polished and always attract attention.

Sometimes the photos cannot do the quality of the piece the justice it deserves. We are working on getting better at taking pictures and the images we have on our site.

Blue quartz tumble stones available in Australia

Given the popularity of blue quartz, it is often difficult to get them here in Australia.

We find we get them into our store, and then they get snapped up fast.

So the items you see on our site are on a first come, first served basis. We never know how long it takes to get the next lot in.

And remember to cleanse your crystals when you get them. You need to clear the energy and set clear intentions as soon as possible. This will enhance the metaphysical properties and energy of your excellent stone of the quartz family.

A Spectrum of Calm: Unveiling Different Types of Blue Quartz

Let's dive into the diverse world of blue quartz crystals, each with its unique charm and properties.

From the depths of the earth to your collection, these variants of blue quartz offer a spectrum of energies and aesthetics to enhance any crystal collection.

Here are some noteworthy types to consider:

Summing up the details on Blue quartz crystals

Hopefully, you have found this blue quartz information helpful in your search for the best crystals for you.

If you would like to know when we are getting our next lot of them in, then please contact us to find out more.

If you see some product images of various blue quartz on this page, then you know we have them in stock.

In the meantime, you can click the aqua aura quartz collection below to find out more about each item.