Tiger Eye Crystal Point Healing Points for Reiki Energy Healing

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You will love the grounding power of our Tiger Eye Crystal Healing Points, each piece shaped for Reiki energy healing and personal empowerment.

Key details

  • Hand-Carved Perfection: Our Tiger Eye points or wands are uniquely hand-carved, with weights ranging from 52 to 69 grams and lengths up to 98mm, featuring a pointed end for focused energy work and massage.
  • Dynamic Energy: Tiger Eye, known for its captivating dark brown shades and vibrant yellow streaks, channels Earth's energy to ground and protect, enhancing your Reiki practices and meditation sessions.
  • Focus and Success: These wands not only aid in achieving clarity and mindfulness but also empower you to tap into your inner resources, driving focus towards your goals for personal and professional success.
  • Versatile Healing Properties: Perfect for transforming negative vibes into positive energy, these Tiger Eye points create a healthy atmosphere in homes and offices and are excellent for chakra balancing, crystal grids, and as stunning home decor.
  • Unique Gift Choice: With prices starting at $16, each wand serves as a meaningful gift, combining the aesthetic beauty of Tiger Eye with its metaphysical benefits, ideal for Mother's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays.

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Size and weight of these Tiger Eye point crystal healing wands

Tiger Eye point No 1

  • Weight: 58grams
  • Height: 87mm
  • 20mm x 21mm

Tiger Eye point No 2

  • Weight: 52grams
  • Height: 75mm
  • 21mm x 21mm

Tiger Eye point No 3

  • Weight: 69grams
  • Height: 98mm
  • 20mm x 20mm

Tiger Eye point No 4

  • Weight: 63grams
  • Height: 91mm
  • 20mm x 20mm

Positive attributes of the Tigers Eye crystal

Tiger's eye is an excellent crystal to help those who are battling with depression.

You may notice when you go to a beachside resort for a holiday and come back from a walk along the beach. You feel different. You feel a sense of being grounded and energised.

You can feel the Earthy nature and transference of free radicals and positive electrons when walking along the beach.

Tiger's Eye is said to help in grounding an individual and help lift their mood. You can see the Earthy nature of the crystal itself.

Some experts suggest it can help those people with addictive personalities to make positive changes in their life.

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