Top 5 Benefits of Crystal Grids - Supercharge Your Intentions

by Nicky Jessen

Top 5 Benefits of Crystal Grids - Supercharge Your Intentions

Are you curious about the benefits of Crystal Grids and how they can be used to help you raise your vibration and achieve your goals? Today we are going to take a look at the top 5 benefits of crystal grids and the different types you can get started with today.

Crystal grids refer to multiple crystals designed to amplify the intention of the designer.

The crystal grids used are carefully and artistically designed to create a harmonic relationship between the colours, shapes, and energies of each crystal.

The design is normally based on basic life patterns, sacred geometry and even a few advanced patterns like the Metatron cube.

History of crystal grids

Let's start with the most famous of all 'crystal grids' and of course we are talking about Stonehenge. 

The mystery around Stonehenge continues to baffle the best minds, with some suggesting the grid structure is an advanced technology from ancient times, a place with incredible healing properties or a perfectly aligned summer and winter solstice venue.

As you can see, there is plenty of history suggesting that grids and layouts of stones and crystals have been around for thousands of years.

Others suggest that the types of crystal grids we are talking about here are a modern invention that leverages the ideas and power of the ancient megalithic structures from our past.

Both the ancient grid structures and our modern crystal grids are all placed with a specific geometric design, focused on bringing the surrounding energy of the planet to a laser-focused zone.

Top 5 benefits of crystals grids

Numerous benefits come with crystal grids. If you talk to the people who have had the chance to interact with them, they will tell you that they enjoy every minute they are surrounded by crystal grids.

Here are our Top 5 benefits associated with crystal grids.

1. May Help You Achieve your Goals.

The power of crystal grids is so incredible that you should be using them to achieve your goals.

The combination of crystals in magnificent patterns will significantly strengthen your focus and therefore make it possible for you to achieve your goals.

If you have something you want to achieve and you feel you are slowly losing the focus, then you should definitely give crystals grids a go.

Remember, what you focus on expands in your universe.

By focusing on your desires, your intentions and your dreams combined with the power of the crystal grids will help you become unstoppable in everything you desire.

2. To enhance your meditation

Research into the powerful benefits of meditation has really taken off over the last few decades.

According to Deepak Chopra, 'Meditation guides you to quieter and quieter levels of the thinking process, until you slip beyond thought to discover the perfection that you are and have always been.'

On its own, meditation has the power to help you eliminate self-doubt, fear, and mental blockages.

When combined with crystal grids, you can set the sail of the boat of your dreams in any direction you choose, knowing the universal energy is conspiring to help you achieve them.

Choosing the crystal grids that comprise of the energy of the objectives you want to achieve can make a significant difference.

3. Crystal Grids used for Healing.

Earth's energy is one of the most powerful natural healers available.

By creating a crystal grid for healing, we are looking to tap into the natural abundance of the universe, to help guide and empower our healing process.

We most like this type of crystal healing to be done outdoors, while connected to the Earth. Yes, while utilising this crystal grid for healing, you want to be barefoot and connected to the ground.

You can do this in the privacy of your backyard, or you may want to go to your favourite bush walk area, beach or local stream or river.

In this case, your crystal grid is helping harness the energy of Mother Nature, and to draw that energy into your life-force, helping your body boost its internal reserves.

4. Crystal grids are visually appealing

Not only are crystal grids beautiful and intriguing to look at, but they set a powerful reminder to you of what you are looking achieve and where your intentions are set.

The beauty of crystal grids is that you can set them at any place in your home, depending on your desires and what you are looking to manifest in your life.

And here's the best part. They don't just look amazing, but work as a subtle reminder of the intentions you have set, allowing your reticular activating system (RAS) to help manifest your deepest desires.

Every time your walk past your crystal grid, you'll have a wry smile, knowing that the energy of the universe is conspiring for your greater good.

5. Connect With your Intuition.

In addition to making your place attractive, crystal grids may help you to connect and align with your intuition.

Here, all you need to do is to ensure you choose crystal grids that can align with your intention.

At the end of it, you will see the great potential of crystal grids to expand and amplify your natural abilities.

This is why we mentioned meditation in point three. Meditation and intuition often work hand in hand.

The more your meditate, the more intuitive you become and the more aligned your decisions are to bring about an exciting life for you and your loved ones.

How do crystal grids work?

The fact crystal grids combine the energy of many different things is actually what makes it so effective.

There are four elements found in crystal grids that give the effect you see.

These elements include:

  1. Crystal energy;
  2. Sacred geometry;
  3. Numerology; and
  4. Your intentions.

Combining all those four elements will give you the perfect benefits of crystal grids.

What are the main types of crystal grids?

One of the questions many people ask when they first want to get the benefits of crystal grids is, what are the main types of crystal grids?

There are many types of crystal grids and certain ones are more aligned to help you manifest different desires in your life.

Each crystal grid design has a specific meaning.

They include:

  • triangles
  • squares
  • circles flower of life
  • pentagon
  • hexagons
  • spirals
  • seeds of life
  • mandalas
  • and the Ashok Chakra.

The key to crystal grids is getting started. 

Learn the basics of which crystals will help you manifest specific desires and which crystal grid designs work best for you.

Do you have a favourite crystal grid you'd like to share with us? Feel free to email our team so we can showcase them here.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


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