Rainbow Fluorite Point for Meditation & Protection

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You have seen images of the beautiful Rainbow Fluorite crystals, or perhaps a friend told you about them.

No matter how you found them, you know they look stunning.

You are no doubt aware of the fact that everyone's eyes light up when you see a rainbow. They bring a smile to everybody's face. Unless you are the one getting drenched, standing in the rain. But even so, sunlight isn't far away, and it is likely just a sun shower, but I digress.

Rainbow Fluorite is beautiful

You can see on this page; we have a Rainbow Fluorite crystal point. It is characterised by the combination of the dark purple and deep green Fluorite colours.

The reason most people are attracted to the Rainbow Fluorite crystal point is that where else can you see such a combination of strong colours?

Mother Nature has worked very hard to produce this beautiful piece.

Size and weight of the wonderful Fluorite crystal points listed here

As you can appreciate, the items pictured on this page are one-off items. The approximate size and weight of the group are listed below.

Fluorite Point No.7
  • Weight - 423grams
  • Height - 14.4cm, 3.5cm x 3.5cm
  • This piece does have a chipped point
Fluorite Point No.8
  • Weight - 47grams
  • Height - 6.3cm, 2cm x 1.8cm
Fluorite Point No.9
  • Weight - 343grams
  • Height - 12.3cm, 3.6cm x 3.4cm
Fluorite Point No.10
  • Weight - 61grams
  • Height - 7.4cm, 2cm x 2cm
Fluorite Point No.11
  • Weight - 115grams
  • Height - 9.8cm, 2.3cm x 2.2cm
Fluorite Point No.12
  • Weight - 269grams
  • Height - 10cm, 3.5cm x 3.5cm

Using your Rainbow Fluorite point crystal for meditation

One of the common uses for crystal points of any kind, like a Rainbow Fluorite crystal point, is as an aid during meditation.

You can use the point to attract positive energy into your life.

When you are in your meditative state and reached alpha, begin to visualise the most positive energy you can. You may visualise a wonderful time you had as a child, a conversation you recently had with a friend or significant other or perhaps remembering your children when they were born.

Now visualise the energy they bring and focus that into your Rainbow Fluorite point and make sure you are pointing it towards you.

Visualise the energy travelling along the point and into your body.

You will be sure to feel the difference.

In addition to using your Rainbow Fluorite point for meditation, Fluorite is said to help overcome chaos and bring calmness. A fluorite crystal has the ability to absorb and neutralise any harmful or negative energy in a room. It can contribute to bring balance and restore order.

Please note: Every rainbow fluorite point crystal listed here is a one-off piece. The pictures show the exact product you will receive.

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