Why We Love Fluorite Crystal Shapes (and you should, too)

Fluorite Spheres, Points, Pyramids & Eggs

You are probably already aware of the fact that Fluorite is one of the most highly protective crystals you can have in your collection. Fluorite is also known to assist in cleansing your aura.

Fluorite crystal spheres points pryamids

In addition to the protective nature of this beautiful crystal, you can buy fluorite crystals in a wide range of beautiful shapes.

The top 10 Fluorite crystal shapes are:

  1. Fluorite Spheres
  2. Fluorite Points
  3. Fluorite Pyramids
  4. Fluorite Eggs
  5. Fluorite Slices
  6. Fluorite Angels
  7. Fluorite Hearts
  8. Fluorite Earrings
  9. Fluorite Pendant
  10. Fluorite Bracelet

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In this article, we are going to review the top fluorite shapes so you can get a sense for which ones have the perfect energy for your home, office and bedroom.

According to Judy Hall, the famous author of 'The Crystal Bible', 'Fluorite is associated with progress on many levels, incorporating structure into daily life. This stone can overcome chaos and reorganize the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.'

In my personal experience, I have often worn a Fluorite Bracelet. Also, I love having a heavenly fluorite sphere on my display cabinet in the main TV room and my study around my computer.

Fluorite crystal shapes angel spheres points

Using fluorite to reduce electromagnetic stress

The reason I like having a fluorite sphere in and around the television and computer room is to contribute to reducing the electromagnetic stress put out by these devices. Judy Hall confirms this to be the case with the protective nature of fluorite.

So let's take a look at the four main fluorite crystal shapes to see which ones resonate the most with you.

Fluorite Spheres - Useful for emitting energy in all directions

Fluorite Spheres are synonymous with energy in all directions. Spheres can emit energy in all directions at the same time. 

A sphere represents the abundance of the Earth and all its beauty.

What many people feel about fluorite spheres is how Earth-like they are. They can be made from green fluorite, purple or blue fluorite or a combination to make a rainbow fluorite sphere.

Getting connected to the Earth

When you hold a flourite sphere, you will feel a connection to the Earth, given the beautiful green and bluish colours. 

Most of the beautiful fluorite spheres are 1-2 inches wide (around 3-5cm wide). This makes them the perfect addition to the office, TV room or anywhere around your home.

Given their price point, many of our customers buy five or six of them to go around their home. 

One of the best ideas for Fluorite Spheres is to place them between you and your electronic devices, such as a desktop computer or TV. So you may want to place them in front of your monitor and in front of your TV.

Fluorite Points - Can they be used to rekindle sexual libido?

Fluorite points are like the other fluorite shapes in that they are beautifully polished and nice to hold.

Every fluorite point should have nice polished edges and a beautiful straight point. Many would suggest it has a phalic look about it.

The nice thing about fluorite points is how you can see the graduation of colours from the bottom to the top. As you hold it to the light, you can see how many different colours and formations there are within the crystal piece.

Fluorite crystal points rainbow fluorite

Are you looking at the Earth's history with a flourite point?

I like to think of it as you see layer upon layer of the Earth's history right in front of your eyes.

You know how you see those nature documentaries and they show how the Earth has evolved over tens of thousands of years and various animals got trapped and the different colours of the Earth compacting down?

I like to think of the fluorite point in terms of that. It is almost as if all these beautiful natural purples, greens, blues, browns and green fluorite have compacted down and the geologists have then carved out this fluorite point. It then contains all those layers in the one piece.

I know that sounds a bit romanceful, but it is the way I think about my fluorite points.

Judy Hall suggests fluorite can help rekindle sexual libido. So if the romance is missing in your relationship, perhaps putting a fluorite point or two around your bedroom can help. Not to get too visual, but the fluorite points are a nice, solid erect piece of crystal, which would make sense to help in that department ;-)

How to use your fluorite points

The best way to use your fluorite point is to attract or repel energy.

Let's say you are looking to channel some positive energy into your life. The idea behind the point is to point it towards your body and draw the positive energy in.

Alternatively, if you have had a bad day, you want to channel the negative energy away from your body.

So you are best to hold your fluorite point at your stomach level for example and then visualise the negative energy leaving your body.

After a tough day at work or at home with your kids or significant other, channelling the negative energy away is an excellent way to boost your energy and feel great.

Fluorite Pyramids - Replacing negativity with a positive energy

Fluorite pyramids are a favourite of my husband. My husband loves to dabble in trading on the stock market and pyramids have quite a history when it comes to various trading strategies. 

Also, pyramids are one of the fascinating objects with significant historical meanings. Pyramids appear on the US one dollar bill with an eye in the middle.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is also the oldest of the seven wonders of the Ancient world, according to Wikipedia.

So it goes without saying, people love pyramids and will flock from all over the world to see them.

fluorite crystal pyramids medium size

So much positive energy with a pyramid

A fluorite pyramid is representative of all the positives associated with pyramids. They are carved out of fluorite and are a perfect size.

From a crystal perspective, pyramids are known to draw off negative energy and replace it with positive energy. One can never have too many beautiful pyramid shapes in and around their home.

But you may feel the different shapes are more suited to you and others. You may like the fluorite sphere shape whereas your partner may love the pyramids. What draws you in the most?

How to use your fluorite pyramids

Do you feel there are some negative energies in certain places around your home or place of work? Are your kids sometimes feeling down or talking negatively?

You may like to place your fluorite pyramid in areas of negativity as they are renown for removing the negative energy and replacing it with positive, uplifting energy.

They may assist in helping your kids get through those tough adolescent years where bullying and high expectations often place a lot of stress on their day to day activities.

Fluorite Eggs - Perfect for rebalancing energy blocks in your body

Fluorite is known to help with balance, both physical and emotional balance. What better way to portray balance than with a fluorite egg.

Have you ever owned chickens? They are quite a remarkable animal, being able to produce an egg a day in such a perfect and balanced formation. 

fluorite crystal eggs yoni eggs massage eggs

But to create an egg, they need to have a balance of food, protein and mother nature to produce a miraculous egg. It may not seem all that miraculous, that is until you read up on how they produce them.

Once upon a time, we owned chickens, and it never ceased to amaze us how they produce these perfectly shaped eggs, day after day after day. For years.

Using Fluorite eggs for balance & coordination

This is why the egg shape is synonymous with balance. Have you ever tried spinning a hard-boiled egg? A hard-boiled egg will spin perfectly, like a spinning top.

Whereas a regular egg will act like an out of sync washing machine. The yoke is too heavy and so it just bobbles and does nothing.

Egg-shaped fluorite crystals are known to help you with rebalancing, just like you need to rebalance the washing machine when it is spinning, and the load is out of whack.

Have you ever needed to rebalance things in your life? A fluorite egg can be the perfect addition to help you visualise and rebalance things in your life.

Fluorite eggs are known to help balance and coordination. If you or your family love to play sports, give them a fluorite egg to carry around. They are small enough to fit anywhere.

How to use your fluorite egg

As mentioned above, the combination of both fluorite and the egg shape are ideal for those looking to achieve balance and coordination.

First and foremost, if you have some sporting kids, mum, dad or other family members, have them carry the fluorite egg in their sports bag or around with them.

Fluorite eggs are also the perfect shape and size to hold in your hand. This is extremely useful during times of stress. You want to replace that stress as quickly as possible, and fluorite can help do this.

The fluorite eggs we carry for you to buy are usually an inch or two high. Most men and women can easily hold three in their hand at once.

If you have any blockages in your body, you may want to carry a fluorite egg around with you with the intention to help remove the blockage you have.

You can also use fluorite eggs for personal massage, which is a brilliant for stress relief and so relaxing. Feel the stress disappear when you hit the perfect spot with your fluorite egg.

Below you will see a range of beautiful Fluorite jewellery pieces.

fluorite jewellery pieces sterling silver

Common Fluorite colours

Fluorite comes in the following beautiful colours:

By far the most popular colours are purple, green and rainbow Fluorite. The reason for this is it is quite unique to have both green and purple in the one piece of crystal.

It is truly unique and inspirational. Another glimpse into the power and beauty of Mother Nature.

So how do you use your favourite fluorite crystal shapes?

Determining the best fluorite crystal shape for you comes down to your personal preference. 

Hopefully, the above article helps you in identifying which fluorite shape you would most like to have to assist in your life.

No matter what one you choose, fluorite crystals look stunning anywhere in your home. Some ladies love the fluorite jewellery pieces as well.

The great news is all of the fluorite crystal spheres, pyramids, eggs and points are available to buy here in Australia. Or you are welcome to drop by our Sydney display to see our range of fluorite available.