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7 Chakra Hearts are known to have inspiring energy about them. It is incredible the way they have been put together, then polished and shaped into a lovely heart. You will love the positive energy when you hold these in your hands.

You are no doubt aware of the fact there are 7 chakras and this 7 Chakra bonded heart has all 7. Here they are:

  1. Root chakra
  2. Sacral chakra
  3. Solar plexus chakra
  4. Heart chakra
  5. Throat chakra
  6. Third eye chakra
  7. Crown chakra

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The important part of the 7 chakras is understanding that the energy flows through our 7 chakras.

The idea is, if you have blockages in your seven chakras, then you can get illness or disease.

Ultimately, your goal is to make sure the energy is flowing freely through your 7 chakras.

You may like to think of a stagnant pool of water.

When the water is flowing through a river, life is abundant. When you get stagnant water that isn't moving, you get disease, the area smells bad and you will find decaying life.

The exact opposite of what you and I want in life.

Here is the size of your 7 chakra bonded hearts

  • 30mm x 30mm
  • Depth - 15mm

The 7 chakra colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. You will notice each one is captured from a crystal, carved perfectly and then bonded together.

In all honesty, whoever thought of this is amazing. Then for those carving them out to create such a beautiful piece is equally as amazing.

Please Note: As you can appreciate, each of these chakra hearts is hand carved and unique. Therefore, you will receive one similar to the ones shown on this page.

What can you use your 7 chakras hearts for?

Meditation is one of the most powerful things you can do in life.

Some people have difficulty in visualising during meditation. The 7 chakras bonded heart is there to help you create more powerful visualisations when meditating.

You can hold on to your 7 chakras heart while meditating to help you think of the 7 chakras.

Then as you go through your meditation, you can visualise each chakra one by one. This will make your session more powerful and energising. You will feel fantastic afterwards.

Begin by visualising the 7 chakras heart and slowly imagine your body filled with the same colours. Then go through each body part one by one, starting at your head and working down to your feet.

At some stages in life, we can fall into the trap of attracting the wrong people or people who are giving off a negative energy. Often these people pull our energy down and drain us every time we are with them.

You may like to use the 7 chakras heart to help attract the right type of people into your life. Or at the very least, act as a guide to help reduce the number of negative people in your life.

More positive coincidences in your life thanks to the 7 chakras heart

You will be amazed at the difference. Your life will be open to more positive coincidences. You will find you have more luck in your life.

When you start surrounding yourself with people who are inspiring, uplifting or simply happy and healthy, you will feel the same energy.

You will also attract more positive people into your life because you will feel more energetic and other positive, uplifting people will want you in their life.

These hearts are also renowned for removing negativity in your surrounds and get you in touch with your higher self.

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