Premium Healing Crystals Kit - 7 Chakras Set

You are looking at a complete premium healing crystals kit with the 7 chakras tumble stones. All the crystals you need to get you started with crystal healing are included.

This premium healing crystals kit & 7 chakras set includes:

  • a lovely piece of rose quartz
  • an amethyst cluster
  • a clear quartz point
  • a clear quartz pendulum
  • 7 chakra tumble stones including lapis lazuli, clear quartz, amethyst, red jasper, orange aventurine, yellow aventurine and green aventurine

Are you looking to get started with crystal healing or are you looking to give this as a gift?

Either way, we have included only premium stones in this full gift set.

You may like to use this kit for the following:

How big are the crystals in this premium healing crystal kit?

As you can see in the photo on this page, each polished tumble stone in the 7 chakras colours is around 15mm to 20mm in width. The ruler is there to give you a very close approximation of the size of every piece.

How long is the chain on the clear quartz pendulum?


The chain on the pendulum is approximately 16.5cm long.

7 Chakras Crystal Healing Kit - What you will receive

To recap what you get, your healing crystal kit includes 7 gemstones covering the 7 chakras, rose quartz, amethyst cluster, clear quartz point and a clear quartz pendulum.

Please note: Every single kit contains the same group of crystals but as they are all natural, every piece will differ slightly.

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