Orgonite Pyramids with Selenite Crystals

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Looking for orgone energy supplies in Australia? We have a range of orgonite crystals for sale including the one on this page which is an Orgonite Pyramid with Selenite crystals.

Our orgonite crystals for sale include a wide range of orgone generators including pyramids and other resin orgonite pieces.

Orgonite Pyramids or orgone pyramids are the most powerful of all the Orgonite pieces we have available. As you can see, this orgone pyramid crystal has some lovely selenite crystals within.

Why use selenite in an orgonite pyramid?

Selenite is the most highly recommended crystal from energy healers the world over. As you will read below, selenite is ideal for mental clarity, to cleanse and to ward off negative energies.

Not only are they the most powerful, but they are our most popular Orgonite for sale in our shop.

There is a high demand for Orgonite pyramids and at times we run out of stock, In particular, each one is unique, so we only stock a few of each type.

Combining selenite in an orgonite pyramid

Selenite is a lovely soft mineral deriving from Gypsum. Selenite is the most popular Feng Shui crystal and is brilliant for energy healing, balance and meditation.

For those who have a lot of negative energy around them, combining the positive energy of selenite with the benefits of orgone, you will be able to create a nice peaceful environment.

Orgonite Pyramids are ideal for Feng Shui & Energy healing

Everything you are surrounded by is energy. Take a look around you. The chair you sit on, the walls of your home, the car you drive. It is all energy. 

In order to be in liquid, gas or solid form, the molecules are vibrating at different frequencies. We all know this from our high school days.

So too with our own energy. Everything we do attracts certain energy frequencies and vibration.

Orgonite pyramids are representative of the energy you can see all around you. The abundant energy of the world is captured in a beautiful and unique looking pyramid.

Find out the facts about Orgonite here.

Benefits of Orgone and Orgone crystals

Orgonites were invented by Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, who knew it was possible to harness the divine energy source to create beneficial effects.

Reich is responsible for all the early research, providing an understanding of how orgone is such a powerful energy generator and energy accumulator.

Orgonite has been said to help with:

  • EMF sensitivity
  • Absorbing, and modulating the dirty electricity in our homes
  • There have been many online forums who have shown to show how fresh fruit placed near an orgonite crystal can keep it fresh for longer
  • Children who have restless sleep or bad dreams. You can place them in your children's bedrooms.

Many suggest that the orgone energy takes the chaotic disorder around it (such as EMFs, WIFI and radiation) and structures it in an efficient, harmonised manner.

You can read about the orgonite experiments we have run on this site too, testing the effects of orgone energy visually.

Pyramids have their mystical powers

The pyramids are renown for their mystical powers, and when combined with Orgonite (the vital energy found everywhere), you can get a sense of the great addition these add to any home, office or room.

Orgonites are made of crystals, metals, metal shavings and organic and inorganic materials or components (resin). They can help purify the atmosphere, water, repel pests and help plant growth. They can inspire balance, and joyful behaviour can help negate the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Using Orgonite Pyramids to help reduce the electromagnetic radiation in your home

Orgonite Pyramids can inspire balance and a joyful behaviour. But one of their main uses is to help negate the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

You may already be aware of the fact that some people are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation or what some call 'electro-smog'.

Every home in the 21st century has a heap of 'dirty electricity' and Orgonite Pyramids are one of the most powerful devices to help reduce it.

Many people strategically place several Orgonite pyramids around their home, especially those who know they are sensitive to the electro-smog.

Recently I read that classrooms in schools have an increased amount of dirty electricity. As a result, some teachers are proactively placing Orgonite pyramids in their own desks.

Orgonite pyramids can be good for a range of things including insomnia, nightmares, generate better moods and wellness.

For those who actively meditate, Orgonite is the perfect companion.

Here is the approximate size of these Selenite Orgonite Pyramids:

  • Medium Pyramid
  • Approx 75mm x 75mm
  • Height - Approx 58mm
  • Large Pyramid - OUT OF STOCK
  • Approx 135mm x 135mm
  • Height Approx 110mm

    Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Orgonite Pyramid contains natural stone and will vary slightly.

    Absolute care will be taken with packing to ensure all the points stay as perfect as they are in the image.

    You will notice how nice and straight the lines are as well as the beautiful points.

    To find out more about the team at Earth Inspired Gifts, click on the video play button below.

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