Orgone Pyramid with Obsidian Sphere & Metatron's Cube Symbol

If you are looking for an Orgone Pyramid with Obsidian Sphere & Metatron's Cube Symbol then you are in the right place.

Grounding & Protective Vibrations

Discover the profound energy of the Orgone Pyramid, harmoniously fused with an Obsidian Sphere.

Known for its potent protective properties, Obsidian acts as a shield against negativity, offering grounding vibes to its beholder.

Coupled with the Orgone's ability to balance the aura, this ensemble promises a cocoon of safety and equilibrium.

Sacred Geometry and Angelic Power

Embellished with the intricate design of Metatron's Cube Symbol, this artifact isn't just a treat for the eyes but a spiritual tool for the soul.

Representing the archangel Metatron's energy and the patterns of the universe, this symbol acts as a beacon for divine connection.

Align with higher frequencies and tap into the celestial realm every time you meditate upon this masterpiece.

Confluence of Craftsmanship and Energy

Each Obsidian Sphere, chosen for its pristine quality and vibrancy, is a testament to Earth's profound mysteries.

Nested within the Orgone Pyramid and amplified by the sacred Metatron's Cube, this piece stands out as an epitome of art meeting metaphysical benefits.

Essential for every spiritual enthusiast who appreciates fine craftsmanship intertwined with deep-rooted symbolism.

Here is the approximate size of these Obsidian and Metatron Cube Orgonite Pyramids:

  • Approx 60mm x 60mm
  • Height - 65mm

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Orgonite Pyramid contains natural stone and will vary slightly. Absolute care will be taken with packing to ensure all the points stay as perfect as they are in the image. You will notice how nice and straight the lines are as well as the beautiful points.

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