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You love your crystals and in particular, your eggs and sphere-shaped crystals. As a result, you need a crystal sphere stand for each of them. Here we have three different crystal sphere stands to choose from.

The beauty of each crystal is made better by the way they are displayed.

Click play on the video below to see how they look.

We have three crystal sphere stands in wood to hold your crystals and display them in the best possible way.

Some people have used milk bottle tops but they don't do your beautiful crystals justice.

You want the style of stand that showcases your lovely crystals and makes them look stunning.

Here are the sizes of our three wooden crystal ball stands:

Small crystal sphere stand in wood

  • 25mm diameter
  • 12mm height

Medium wood stand

  • 33mm diameter
  • 12mm height

Large wood stand

  • 35 to 40mm diameter
  • 22mm height

X Large wood stand

  • 50mm diameter
  • 24mm height


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