Fire and Ice Quartz Crystal Point with Rainbows

This Clear Quartz 'Rainbow' point is amazing to look at and great for meditations, crystal grids or to improve the energy in any room.

This particular piece has a long and beautiful edge on top. The point goes for more than 1cm, which is really unique.

The Fire and Ice quartz crystal is best placed in a bright room. One with plenty of sunlight so whoever picks it up can catch some beautiful reflections to see some amazing rainbows colours within.

What is brilliant about this stone is all the natural lines within. This is what gives it the ability to produce so many amazing rainbows within.

Fire & Ice is the name given to a form of clear Quartz, silicon dioxide, from Brazil and is also known as Rainbow Quartz.

Why is it called Rainbow Quartz?

The reason it is called rainbow quartz is because of the beautiful rainbows you can see when you hold the crystal to the light.

At different angles, you can see all the colours of the rainbow.

This is one of those crystals that truly sparkles and is the main reason for the popularity of the fire and ice quartz crystal points.

Size and shape of your Fire and Ice Quartz Crystal Point

  • Weight - Approx 110grams
  • Height - 6.5cm
  • Width - 3.3cm x 3cm

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

Shipping your fire and ice quartz crystal point is very simple. We take absolutely care when shipping all crystals with a point to make sure it is protected and arrives in perfect shape. Your crystal will arrive just as you see it in the photo.

What are Fire and Ice quartz crystals used for?

Fire & Ice is a stone of new beginnings and profound growth.

If you are looking to make a new start, to move on to bigger and better things, then use the Fire and Quartz vibrational properties to help you.

In additional to the high vibration of this crystal, you can use it as a symbol of new growth and new beginnings.

You can do this by creating a new rainbow every time you pick it up. Your ability to create a new rainbow every time you hold it to the light can be a symbol of the new journey you are moving towards.

Time to create your own reality and master your destiny

Fire and Ice quartz is also said to reveal the soul's purpose. This gives you the ability to create your own reality. To be the master of your own destiny.

This is a powerful stone and every time you see it in your home you can be reminded of how you are the creator of your own universe. You create everything in your life. You are the master designer of your word.

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