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Looking for some beautiful Opalite Hearts? This heart will give you a sense of tranquility, serenity, and love.

It has the positive energy of the earth and will keep you grounded and centered. This beautiful crystal will keep you happy and smiling!

These make a great gift for someone you love or just to spoil yourself. This gorgeous opalite heart has been carefully carved to show a heart made of a single piece of stone.

Approximate size of these Opalite hearts

We have used approximate sizes in this case as we have a couple of these in stock at any one time. We always photograph the ones that are either the exact ones you will receive or ones very close to it in size and colour.

Here are the approx weight and size of the opalite hearts to buy on this page.

  • Weight - Approx 16grams
  • 3cm x 2.6cm
  • Approx depth 1.7cm

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each opalite heart is a natural stone and will vary slightly.

Opalite Hearts to Enhance Your Meditation and Spirituality

If you are looking for the prettiest crystal angel you can find, then the Opalite heart is perfect.

Opalite hearts glimmer, glisten and shine in every way possible.

When young kids see the Opalite Crystal, they are instantly drawn to it and want to have it.

Use the Opalite heart crystal as a beautiful gift idea

You could give it as a gift for a young lady, perhaps a niece or daughter. You could give it to your Mother, your Aunty, or perhaps your girlfriend or significant other.

There is no doubt you will be popular as the Opalite heart is so wonderful to hold and look at. An amazing and well-thought-out gift idea.

What is the Opalite Crystal used for?

Among the many fantastic benefits of Opalite, you can consider it one of the prettiest crystals available.

Do keep in mind that Opalite is man-made but having said that, nothing is quite as pretty as Opalite. So lovely.

Feel free to click the video links below to find out more about the story behind Earth Inspired Gifts.

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