Purple Agate Butterfly Crystal Decor - 10cm Handmade Agate Ornament for Healing and Gifts

If you're a lover of nature and unique gifts, the Purple Agate Slice Butterfly is a perfect choice.

Made from two slices of high-quality agate, each butterfly is a stunning work of art, and who doesn't love the colour purple. Such a favourite. These have been dyed a lovely purple colour.

Whether it is a gift for a special friend, loved one or one of your kids, they will love the purple agate butterfly.

Here is the size of the Agate slice butterfly

The great thing about agate slices is how natural they appear. So the sizing guideline here will be different for every colour we have in stock as each agate slice is unique.

  • Slice size - (9.8cm x 4.4cm) (10.7cm x 4.5cm)
  • Please note the wings on this butterfly are different sizes. They do try and get the wings to match as close as possible, sometimes one slice is smaller than the other.
  • There are some glue and scratch marks on the silver butterfly where it holds the agate piece

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. You can expect to receive the exact product as shown in the picture. To guarantee its safe arrival, we'll package it securely. Our top priority is to meticulously package and ship our products with care.

The perfect gift idea for school friends

Buying an agate butterfly works great for family members but it is also the perfect gift for your kids to give as gifts to their friends.

As a mother of three children, we frequently give these away as gift ideas for the kids' friends.

Depending on the colour of the butterfly, it could be a great gift idea for both boys and girls. We have a variety of colours including pink, blue, natural and green.

The most popular agate slice butterfly is pink with blue coming a close second. You can view all the colours here.

Agate is one of the most colourful crystals available. Check out our Agate stone gift ideas page here.

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