Smoky Quartz Cluster Natural Crystal Raw Mineral Healing Crystal Home Decor Harmony

Embrace the grounding energy of our Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster, featuring a multitude of natural points that radiate serene and harmonious vibes, perfect for any space.

Key details

  • Grounding and Serenity: This Smoky Quartz cluster is a powerful grounding stone that neutralises negative vibrations and brings a sense of calmness and stability to any environment. It's particularly effective in reducing stress and lifting moods, making it ideal for both home and workplace settings.
  • Enhances Focus and Clarity: Known for its ability to clear mental clutter, Smoky Quartz enhances clarity of thought and concentration. It's an excellent crystal for meditation practices and can help deepen one's connection to the spiritual world.
  • Protective Qualities: Smoky Quartz is celebrated for its strong protective properties, shielding against electromagnetic smog, radiation, and all forms of negative energy. It promotes a safe and cleansing atmosphere wherever it is placed.
  • Decorative Appeal: With its rich, natural hues and intriguing crystal formations, this Smoky Quartz cluster serves as a stunning piece of decor that complements any room. It's a functional and elegant addition to feng shui arrangements or as a central piece in crystal collections.
  • A Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for those who value the therapeutic benefits of crystals, this Smoky Quartz cluster makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a special gesture to promote wellbeing and harmony.
  • Versatile Healing Tool: As a versatile healer, Smoky Quartz is used to align the chakras, enhance metaphysical abilities, and promote emotional balance. It's an essential component for anyone engaged in Reiki or other energy healing modalities.

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One thing is for sure, if you put it in an area where people walk past, they will be drawn to pick it up and hold it. Smoky quartz has that nature about it as a crystal.

Here are the weight and size of this smoky quartz cluster

  • Weight - 582grams
  • Height - 4.7cm
  • 14.4cm x 10cm

Please Note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

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