Pyrite Crystal Heart Some Call Fools Gold - 134grams

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Pyrite Crystal Hearts are one of the most unique crystals you will find. Hopefully, you can see the beautiful and intricate detail within the pyrite crystal heart pictured on this page.

You will love the hundreds and hundreds of unique tiny crystal found within the pyrite crystal. They are a very mesmerising type of crystal.

You will see from the images how unique and different they are, even between the pieces we have.

Where are pyrite crystals sourced from?

Pyrite crystals are sourced from Peru. So all the pyrite crystals you see on our page are from Peru. Having said that, Pyrite can be found in mines all over the world.

For those lucky enough to mine pyrite, it has been said they often find small amounts of real gold. Wouldn't that make your day? Mining for pyrite and you find a few ounces of real gold. Lovely.

Pyrite fools gold

Pyrite is most often referred to as fools good. As you can see in the images on this page, the colour and feel of Pyrite are very much like gold, hence the name 'fools gold'.

Having said that, the price of Pyrite is fortunately much cheaper. You don't have to go out and spend $1,200 per ounce just to grab a piece of Pyrite. Instead, you can see the price of our Pyrite crystal hearts is much lower.

Pyrite meaning

You may be wondering about the meaning of pyrite and the uses of pyrite. Back in the days of the Greeks, Pyrite was the translation from pyr or pyros, which is the meaning of 'fire'. Not that we'd recommend it, but you can actually strike two pieces of pyrite together and generate sparks. 

Not that we'd recommend it, but you can actually strike two pieces of pyrite together and generate sparks. 

So pyrite crystal has everything to do with fire. If you are looking to generate some energy, just like a fire is able to, then pyrite is a wonderful crystal to own.

Given the association to gold, many people consider pyrite a stone perfect for helping you generate wealth. You may like to own a piece of pyrite and place it around your office, so you are reminded of the abundance and beauty of the Earth and Mother Nature. 

Approximate weight and size of this pyrite crystal heart

  • Weight - 134grams
  • 60mm x 58mm
  • 21mm thick

So with this pyrite crystal heart, you may like to give it as a sign of love to your partner.

They say it is the thought that counts. In this case, you can think about the $5,000+ piece of real gold or you could buy a beautiful pyrite crystal heart.

Want to know more about Earth Inspired Gifts? Click play on the videos below to find out more. Each video goes for around 1 minute. Enjoy.

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