Deep Purple Amethyst Crystal Cluster on Cut Base from Uruguay

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Discover the exquisite allure of our Deep Purple Amethyst Crystal Cluster Stone, a one-of-a-kind piece with a polished base sourced directly from Uruguay.

Key details

  • Exceptional Quality and Uniqueness: Each amethyst cluster is a unique gem, presenting lovely purple colours from this amethyst cluster that will enhance any setting.
  • Spiritual and Healing Properties: Known for promoting peace, calm and protection, this amethyst crystal cluster is a powerful tool in spiritual practices like meditation and Reiki, enhancing intuition and cleansing negative energy.
  • Stunning Decorative Piece: With its polished edges and cut base, this cluster stands beautifully on your bedside table, home or office, or to add to your crystal collection.
  • Gift of Natural Beauty: Ideal as a thoughtful and luxurious gift, this lovely crystal is highly appreciated for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a special gesture of love and appreciation.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: As a one-off piece, this beauty ensures exclusivity and authenticity, sold with the assurance of high quality and customer satisfaction backed by over 8 years of experience at Earth Inspired Gifts.

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The size of this purple natural Amethyst crystal cluster

The crystal you shop for on this page is a one-off piece. There are no other ones like it. Each one in your order is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive, and shipping is easy in Australia.

For this particular item, please note the size you'll receive:

  • Weight - 546grams
  • Height - 9.3cm
  • Width - 9.1cm
  • Depth - 7.4cm

Unique Gemstones from Australia: Beautiful, Natural Raw Stones Ideal for Energy Healing and Gifts

This stunning Purple Amethyst Cluster is truly a one-of-a-kind gemstone that can bring harmony and positive energy into your space.

Each cluster is selected for its high-grade quality and unique characteristics, ensuring you receive a beautiful piece.

Amethyst is believed to help promote calm and balance, making it a perfect addition to any home or office.

With our exclusive selection, you're sure to find that special amethyst cluster that resonates with you, enhancing your environment and enriching your collection.

Why are the amethyst clusters so appealing?

Put simply, it is the natural purple colour that captivates people and draws their attention to this amazing crystal.

The amethyst crystal cluster gets its sensational colour from the effects of irradiation and iron impurities.

For those who like uniqueness, the amethyst cluster is a must-have crystal. Very few people will have these, and they will always grab the attention of anyone who sees them.

People will always gravitate to and comment on them because no one would have seen such a deep purple in an amethyst crystal.

Some people refer to this when searching for it as 'the deep purple crystal'. We love that.

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