Merkaba Earrings in Sterling Silver designed by Blue Turtles

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These petite earrings feature a Merkaba star measuring 15 mm x 15 mm. These earrings are sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Merkaba Earrings

The Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron, is a spiritual concept represented by a 3-dimensional Star of David - two interlocking triangular pyramids symmetrically aligned, with one pointing up and the other inverted.

The Merkaba is the light body – a great field of energy surrounding each of us, which extends beyond our etheric field and maintains the star tetrahedron geometric pattern.

When activated, the two pyramids spin at immense speed in opposite directions and the energy field generated extends up to 10 metres from our bodies, but also expands into all possible dimensions and parallel universes.

It is explained that when we activate the Merkaba, all possibilities are open to us, including limitless travel within and between dimensions, and ascension to the highest realms.

The perfectly integrated pyramids of the Merkaba, pointing and spinning in opposite directions, embody the perfect equilibrium of opposites, be it of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female, duality and Oneness.

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