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You will love this new Larimar Pendant in a beautiful sterling silver setting. What people love most about the Larimar crystal is the peaceful colour of the stone.

This larimar pendant contains a lovely polished larimar natural gemstone. The larimar sterling silver combination really brings out the beauty of this piece beautifully.

Also, you will notice that larimar pendants have a lovely contrast of colours between the lighter and darker blue. 

It is this contrast which people admire most about Larimar. Some people call this stone blue larimar.

You will feel quite luxurious wearing this jewellery piece and you will receive many comments from friends and family.

But please understand, Larimar is not an abundant stone. At some stage, as you will read below, all the available Larimar will have been mined. Larimar gemstones are not in abundance.

It is this exclusivity which makes the stone so appealing and the Larimar pendant is such a beautiful way to display this rare stone.

Here are the approximate specs of your Larimar Pendant

  • Length - 33mm
  • Width - 20mm
  • Depth - 9mm

About the Larimar pendants we choose

We personally hand-select every Larimar stone you see in our online store. We only ever use Sterling Silver and it is of the highest quality. Silver pendants and silver jewellery with larimar is stunning.

You will notice each Larimar stone in our store is highly polished and our craftspeople have done everything they can to make your stone beautiful.

What is Larimar used for?

Natural Larimar is a form of Pectolite discovered only in The Dominican Republic. Its known range is limited to a small, remote, mountainous region, making Larimar a truly rare stone.

Larimar is said to embody the elements of both air and water. It stimulates all of the chakras from the heart to the crown.

Integrity, objectivity and truthfulness are hallmark characteristics of the energy of Larimar.

It is attributed to attracting soul-mates to the user and customers to the salesperson. It cultivates a sense of calm and peace and may be beneficial for those who are under stress.

Essentially Larimar is a healing stone that promotes harmony and balance between ones materialistic and spiritual realities.

Please Note: This is the exact pendant that you will receive.

Every piece of Blue Turtles jewellery, comes with a satin pouch.

Your Blue Turtles jewellery is also covered by a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

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