White Howlite Guardian Angel

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White Howlite Angels is the angle of Dreams. This angel comes in a lovely gift box.

This dreamiest of little angels blesses slepp and brings dreams of harmony and love. White Howlite is a calming and restorative stone that is perfect for dreaming.

The beauty of the white howlite crystal angel is that it is an ideal gift idea for ladies of any age.

The perfect sized Howlite Angel

In fact, you will notice by the sizing and the images on this page, our white howlite angels are the perfect size to keep in your pocket, handbag, bedside drawer or around the house.

You may like to place one on the kitchen window sill. They are great to have around as they have such a lovely energy about them.

Each White Howlite Angel is a natural stone

You will notice each white howlite angel is unique in colour and can vary slightly in shape. This is because the stone is natural and each one is carved from that unique piece of white howlite stone.

Here is the approximate size of the white howlite guardian angel in the gift box:

  • Height - Approx 6cm tall x 3.5cm

Please Note: We have a number of white howlite angels in stock and have taken a photo of one similar to the one you will receive. As each white howlite angel is carved from a natural stone it is important to understand each piece will vary.

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