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Dive into the captivating world of Fluorite Crystal Eggs, each piece a polished gemstone carved into a perfect egg shape for healing massage and energy work.

Key details

  • Unique Characteristics: Every fluorite egg is distinct, with dimensions of 50mm x 38mm and a weight of approximately 131 grams. These unique pieces come in various shades of purple and green, each carved from natural fluorite stone and polished to perfection.
  • Ergonomic Design: The egg shape is intentionally chosen for its comfortable fit in your hand, making it perfect for stress relief and self-massage, enhancing relaxation and well-being.
  • Versatile Uses: With a fantastic price of just $35, these eggs are not only great for personal healing practices such as meditation, Feng Shui, reiki, and chakra work but also serve as elegant home decor.
  • Healing Properties: Fluorite crystals are known for their profound ability to absorb and neutralise negative energy, promoting mental clarity, reducing stress, and encouraging positivity and calmness in your environment.
  • Trusted Source: For over 8 years, Earth Inspired Gifts has been a reliable provider of fluorite eggs, crystal jewellery, and other natural wonders, committed to offering quality and beauty in every piece.

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Size and weight of this Joyful Fluorite Crystal Egg

As you can see, this fluorite egg is a beautiful shape and a slightly darker purple colour.

  • Weight: Approx. 131grams
  • Size: 50mm x 39mm

Please note: Like many of our crystals, this is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive. We do have the wooden stands available for purchase in multiple sizes. You can view them here Wood Stands

The beauty of Fluorite Egg Shaped Crystals

Many people are drawn to the majestic and wonderful colour of Fluorite Crystal eggs. They look so beautiful when held up to a light to reflect the beautiful green and purple shades.

Some fluorite eggs are greener in colour and others are a deeper purple. But nothing quite compares to the beauty of both green and purple together on a fluorite crystal egg.

What are Fluorite crystal eggs used for?

Fluorite crystal eggs are used to help attract and amplify the positive energy or repel the negative energy.

Some people like to use the egg-shaped fluorite crystal to help rebalance blockages.

Using Fluorite crystal points to repel negative energy

The best way to repel the negative energy is to hold your fluorite crystal egg while meditating and visualise the negative energy leaving your body.

According to Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, 'Fluorite grounds and integrates spiritual energies. It promotes unbiased impartiality and heightens intuitive powers; makes you more aware of higher spiritual realities and can quicken spiritual awakening; and focuses the mind and links it into the universal mind.'

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