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Beautiful Crystal Inspiration Stone Gift Packs

You already know how beautiful crystals are and you may have one or two of your own. Now you can own a variety of different crystal inspiration stone packs depending on what your intentions are.

The Inspiration Stones collection is designed to give you inspirational support every single day. Simply choose the stone you need and place it inside the key chain. Keep your inspiration stones close and feel them inspire you.

Each set contains three polished, tumbled gemstones and a key chain. Plus you get a lovely bag to keep them in and an information card highlighting the stones strengths, benefits and meaning. All of this is packaged in a lovely box.

The crystals are approx 25mm x 15mm in size

Travel & Adventure Inspiration Stones

This pack contains the following three polished, tumbled gemstones

  • Yellow Jasper - Safe Journey
  • Tiger Eye - Protection Stone
  • Pink Moonstone - Traveler's Stone

Gifting a lovely crystal inspiration stone pack

Of course, these crystal sets are the perfect gift item as well as they come in a lovely box ready to be gifted.

They are each a beautiful gift set and can be used as gifts for ladies, mums, daughters, Aunties, grandmothers, men, sisters and everyone else.

Grab a set or two today.

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