Clear Quartz Natural Pieces to Amplify the Energy

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Discover the transformative power of our Clear Quartz Natural Pieces, meticulously chosen to amplify and elevate the energy in any setting.

Key details

  • Energy Amplification: Known as the "master healer," clear quartz amplifies any energy or intention. It is particularly effective in enhancing spiritual growth, increasing positive energy, and promoting clarity of mind.
  • Versatile Healing Tool: Ideal for healing practices, these quartz pieces can be used in Reiki, crystal healing, or as part of a meditation routine to enhance connectivity with your higher self and life purpose.
  • Natural Beauty: Each piece is unique, featuring varying sizes and natural inclusions that make them not just powerful healing tools but also beautiful decor elements in any home or office.
  • Creative Inspiration: For those in creative fields, holding or having clear quartz nearby can stimulate the mind, fostering an environment rich in innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Cleansing Properties: Clear quartz is renowned for its ability to clear out negativity and purify the surroundings, making it a vital component for maintaining a harmonious environment in your living or workspace.
  • Perfect Gift: With its universal appeal and powerful healing properties, these clear quartz pieces make an excellent gift for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual or emotional well-being.

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Here is the size of these clear quartz crystal natural pieces

  • Weight approx - 140grams to 200grams
  • Approx - 70mm x 55mm

Please note: Our clear quartz rough chunks are natural and each one varies in size and colour. You will receive one piece of the natural clear quartz.

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