Clear Quartz Natural Pieces to Amplify the Energy

These clear quartz crystal natural pieces are truly magnificent, some of them are so clear.

Clear quartz is often referred to as one of the best healing stones, with a high vibration, amplifying the energy around it. If you have a lot of positive energy in your life, then the clear quartz is able to amplify it.

Here is the size of these clear quartz crystal natural pieces

  • Weight approx - 60grams to 150grams
  • Approx - 60mm x 45mm

Uses of the clear quartz natural pieces

These quartz natural pieces are also renowned for removing negativity in your surrounds and to help get you in touch with your higher self.

It has been said by the great minds of our time that we all can get in touch with our higher self. This is the part we connect with to get the answers to the big questions in our lives.

Meditation is such a powerful tool to help you achieve this goal of getting in touch with your higher self and life purpose.

You may like to hold the clear quartz natural piece while you are meditating, to help get your into your meditative state faster and connect with your life or spirit guides.

Every single one of us needs people to help guide us in life. Reach out to your spirit guides while meditating and get answers to the questions you are seeking.

Use your clear quartz natural piece to help find your true life purpose

When you have these around you and set your intention to gain clarity in your life and find your life purpose, you will be amazed at the positive coincidences that occur in your life.

Use clear quartz to help you generate more great ideas

If you work in the creative space, then hold on to the quartz crystal in order to come up with new ideas. Set yourself the goal of holding on to it and generating 10 new ideas every single day.

You will be amazed at what happens next.

Please note: Our clear quartz rough chunks are natural and each one varies in size and colour. You will receive one piece of the natural clear quartz.

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