Carnelian Crystal Heart - Gemstone for Anxiety and a Great Energy Healing Crystal

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Explore the vibrant and soothing properties of our Carnelian Crystal Heart, each piece showcasing unique natural lines and rich, earthy colors that captivate and calm.

Key details

  • Multifunctional Gemstone: Known for its properties in enhancing vitality and support for emotional stability, Carnelian is ideal for anxiety relief, promoting love, courage, and true expression of self.
  • Genuine Quality: Crafted from 100% real Carnelian, each heart is a powerful energy center that helps balance and stabilise every chakra, making it an excellent tool for holistic healing practices.
  • Ideal for Healing and Meditation: This heart is perfect for Reiki healing, meditation, Yoga, and chakra balancing, helping to strengthen the heart and enhance energy flow through the heart chakra.
  • A Meaningful Gift: This would be a special gift for Valentine's Day, or as a thoughtful present to spread happiness, love, and good luck.

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Here are the approximate weight and size of the Carnelian crystal heart available on this page.

  • Weight: Approx 175 grams
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • 67mm x 62mm

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