Carnelian Flame Polished Carved Stone for Energy Healing & Home Decor

Discover the allure of our Carnelian crystal flames, each piece uniquely showcasing the stunning natural striations and rich, earthy hues that make this shape truly mesmerizing.

Key details

  • Unique Natural Beauty: Each Carnelian crystal flame stands out with its incredible natural lines and a spectrum of deep earthy colors, making it a striking addition to any crystal collection. Approximately 134 grams in weight, 68mm in height, and dimensions of 40mm x 38mm ensure each piece is substantial and visually impactful.
  • Soothing and Grounding: Known for its grounding properties, Carnelian helps stabilise and soothe, making it an essential stone for those focused on spiritual well-being and meditation.
  • Versatile Energy Stone: Carnelian is celebrated for bringing good luck, wealth, and fortune, particularly in Feng Shui practices.
  • Ideal for Gift-Giving: Perfect for any occasion, these stones serve as thoughtful gifts that convey wishes of prosperity and emotional healing to friends, family, and loved ones.

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Here are the approximate weight and size of the Carnelian crystal flame available on this page.

  • Weight: Approx 151 grams
  • Height: 73mm
  • Dimensions: 43mm x 38mm

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