Blue Calcite Pyramid Healing Crystal **Damaged Stock**

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Please Note:

Damaged Stock : This Blue Calcite Pyramid has been reduced as it has a chipped point and corners. You can view the pyramid in the images on this page.

These beautiful Blue Calcite Pyramids are amazing, they really sparkle in the light.  Each blue calcite pyramid is made from natural crystal carved into a lovely pyramid.

You may like to have one for your desk at work or study at home. Blue calcite is great for those looking for mental clarity, spiritual growth or relaxation. 

Blue calcite has a soothing effect and can help lift negative emotions.

You can also keep them around your entertainment area at home or on a chest of draws in your bedroom.

Using your Blue Calcite pyramid

Blue calcite has some lovely natural blue tones.

The added bonus here is the beautiful pyramid shape they have. You can see in the pictures on this page how perfect the point is on each one.

Shipping your blue calcite pyramid

We take absolute care with each one to make sure each point stays perfect, especially when packing and shipping your pyramid anywhere in Australia. The blue calcite pyramids are very light so shipping would be small.

Here are the approximate weight and size of your blue calcite pyramid

  • Weight - 93grams
  • Height - 33mm
  • Size - 47mm x 47mm

Please Note: Like many of our crystals, this pyramid is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

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