Amethyst Crystal Cluster Heart Carved to Perfection from Brazil

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This lovely purple amethyst cluster crystal heart from Brazil is an amazing piece, uniquely carved and aimed to impress.

This stunning Amethyst Crystal Cluster from Brazil brings the serenity of natural crystals into your life.

Hand-selected for its exceptional beauty and calming energy, this piece is a true treasure.

If you are looking for a truly beautiful one-of-a-kind gift, then grab this breathtaking heart-shaped cluster.

Approximate size of this one-off amethyst crystal heart cluster

  • Weight - 390grams
  • Size - 109mm x 95mm
  • 26mm thick

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. You can be confident that the product in the picture is the exact item that will be delivered to you.

Amethyst crystal cluster hearts are a beautiful gift idea

Have you always been a romantic and aim to impress?

The comments we often hear back are how thoughtful this is as a present. I mean, how often do you see something like this around your friends' houses?

Imagine receiving something of this beauty as a present. You would be totally WOW'd by it.

We have tried to capture the beautiful purple in the photo, so hopefully, you can see how lovely this piece is. This piece also has lovely polished edges.

What is hard to photograph is how the amethyst crystal sparkles in the light.

But when you hold it to the light, you will get the same sparkling effect. Incredible.

We'll make sure it's packaged safely for its journey. Our focus is always on properly packaging and shipping our products with care.

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