Himalayan Salt Lamps in Newcastle - Best Price, Benefits & Sizes

himalayan salt lamp newcastle best price

If you are living in Newcastle then you are in luck. We have noticed a number of Himalayan Salt Lamp orders coming in from Newcastle and so decided to dedicate a page for the best salt lamp prices, just for you.

We believe the main reason for the recent influx of orders is due to the upgraded Onyx crystal base instead of the wooden one.

We recently wrote a Himalayan Salt Lamp review, highlighting the major differences between the bases they are on.

himalayan salt lamps newcastle

As you can see from the image above, the newly upgraded Onyx crystal base is so much more appealing and natural. So much easier to keep clean and care for.

Types of salt lamps - Carved or Natural

Himalayan Salt Lamps are not only beautiful, but they come with a range of health benefits

One of the toughest choices you will make is the decision between the natural salt lamps or the carved salt lamps.

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp Price

For the best price for a salt lamp in Newcastle, you are best going for the natural Himalayan salt lamps.

This isn't to say this is the best choice for you and your home. It is just to say you can get a lot more value (or weight) for the same amount of money spent.

All our salt lamps come on an upgraded Onyx Crystal base, which we highlight in detail in the video towards the bottom of this page. Be sure to watch it before you purchase any salt lamp.

Cost considerations for salt lamp buyers in Newcastle

For those living in Newcastle, one of the key considerations is postage costs. We had a look around and we could not find any local suppliers of crystal lamps with the beautiful Onyx crystal base.

What about Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps for Newcastle?

If you are looking for the health benefits with a charismatic visual appeal, then the carved salt lamps will be your preferred choice. They are all in the perfect weight range for shipping to Newcastle without blowing the budget.

We have seven carved salt lamps to choose from, all catering to the different personality of the person you are buying for.

Some people prefer to have a shaped salt lamp rather than the natural. Horses for courses really.

If you are putting your salt lamp in a room where you entertain guests or have people over frequently, the carved salt lamps are the way to go.

We just got a new shipment of carved salt lamps in for 2024, so we have plenty of stock to choose from.

Below is our range of carved Himalayan salt lamps.

Only buy genuine Himalayan salt lamps in 2024 and not cheap imitations

Clearly, it is important to get the best price for your natural Himalayan salt lamp, but do not compromise on the quality. Be careful of any fake imitation Himalayan salt lamps.

Now, you want to make sure that you're buying genuine Himalayan rock salt lamps. Above all else, this is the most important to get all the health benefits associated with salt lamps.

All of our salt lamps, including our carved salt lamp range at Earth Inspired Gifts are genuine and come from Pakistan and the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Why are they so expensive at shopping centres?

Unfortunately, you will not get the best price at a large retail shopping centre in Newcastle. Their markups are just too high.

We noticed some salt lamps on marble bases at a nearby shopping centre.

You can see from their price list in the image below, the 2-3kg is $36.95 yet we sell a natural 2-4kg for just $25. That is a $10 saving, and you will notice at each kg level, they are $10 more.

Not only that but shopping centres only stock salt lamps on the old style wooden or marble bases. 

Shopping centre price list below - Be careful, most $10-$15 more

best price himalayan salt lamp

Consider the base your salt lamp comes on

Another thing you need to consider when looking at the best price for a salt lamp is the base it comes on.

The majority of salt lamps come on an old style wooden base. Wooden bases are by far the cheapest to order in and everyone has one. 

Wooden bases are ok if you want to be like everyone else, or you could get the same size salt lamp for the same price but have the upgraded Onyx crystal base. In our blog post review here you will see that some people are paying 57% more for the old style wooden base.

best base for salt lamp

Not sure how much more beautiful an Onyx crystal base is? Click play on the short video below to see for yourself.

You'll see in the video above and the image below the shine on the crystal base versus a marble base or a wooden base.

We only stock salt lamps on an Onyx crystal base. Look at how much more beautiful they are in the image on the right compared to a wooden base.

The beauty comes from it being a natural crystal. They are carved for each salt lamp. You can't beat nature.

The other thing with the wooden base is when it sweats (if you have it turned off), the salt runs down the sides. If you do not clean it, it leaves a mark on the wood whereas, with the crystal, you can just wipe it off.

Care instructions for your salt lamps

Feel free to view our comprehensive care instructions for salt lamps here. We take the time to let you know how easy it is to care for your salt lamps.

Every salt lamp purchased comes with a handy colour print out of how to look after your salt lamp and the benefits.

When you are shopping around for the best price, be sure to take into account what it will look like in a year or two down the track.

Salt lamp candle holders have significant issues

Many of our customers ask about their salt lamp candle holder. The reason is many of the cheaper ones only require a candle and don't have the facility to be plugged in.

Now a candle powered salt lamp is not going to work.

The candle needs to be on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is not safe or practical for 99% of the owners.

It also needs to have enough heat in it for the rock salt lamp not to sweat. Now, that is a problem because a little candle is not able to do that.

We DO NOT stock any salt lamp candle holders and do not believe in them for health, convenience or any other reason. We do stock a range of other beautiful candle holders.

Shipping your Himalayan Salt Lamps to Newcastle & Australia wide

No matter if you live in Newcastle or anywhere in Australia, we can ship your salt lamp to you.

When you add your Himalayan salt lamp to your cart and put in your address, our shipping calculator will calculate your postage. You don't have to do anything else. We try to keep it as simple as possible.

We don't make any money on the shipping.

We post all our salt lamps to anywhere in Australia, and all of them come with a unique Onyx crystal base.

In conclusion, when it comes to the best price for a Himalayan salt lamp in Newcastle, you do need to take into account the quality of the base. You also need to make sure that it's a genuine rock salt lamp.

We look forward to servicing your needs. Have a super day.

If you would like to know more about how Earth Inspired Gifts got started and our story, then click play on the videos below.