Exclusive Offer for Hills District Hairdressing Salons

You will receive a FREE carved teardrop salt lamp valued at $45 delivered to your salon. Offer is limited to the first 10 hairdressing salons.

NOTE: This offer has now ended. The excitement of those receiving the free salt lamps was wonderful. We hope we are able to do this again some time.

Health, wellness and getting in touch with nature are three key reasons why having a Himalayan salt lamp in your hairdressing salon will be beneficial.

We are going to gift you a beautiful carved Himalayan teardrop salt lamp to the first 10 salons who decide to take us up on this offer.

Carved Teardrop Himalayan salt lamps retail for $45. You will love the carved teardrop as it is one of our most popular salt lamps.

hairdressing salon deal

You have likely seen them around the shops. But our Himalayan crystal lamps are more appealing, as they come on a beautiful Onyx crystal base.

The onyx crystal base salt lamps are superior in every way.

Your hairdressing salon deserves the best, so we want to gift you something that will have the WOW factor with the onyx crystal base.

Small himalayan salt lamp onyx base

Watch the video below to see the vast difference in bases and how much more appealing the natural onyx crystal base is.

Enjoy the soothing and peaceful effects of our natural Himalayan rock salt lamps in your hairdressing salon today.

Why are we doing this?

We have salt lamps in every room in our house. We continue to receive comments from people telling us how beneficial they are to the people in their home. We see the same with our family.

So we are running a marketing test. Instead of spending another $450 on marketing, we thought we'd gift $450 worth of salt lamps instead.

We know you will love the benefits of having a salt lamp in your salon and we believe your customers will love the soft glow and positive effects of it as well.

We are a Hills District business ourselves

Also, we are a Hills District based business and we love supporting local businesses.

How to get started

  1. Simply email info@earthinspiredgifts.com.au and I'll look after the rest.
  2. Then one of our team will drop around your new carved Himalayan teardrop salt lamp valued at $45.

Within minutes, your salt lamp will be on and you and your team will receive the health benefits and the warm, natural glow from the salt lamp. That's all there is to it.

Here are some useful blog posts for those who want to know more about the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

For a bit more information about our business, who we are and why we got started, feel free to watch the short 1 min videos below.